Sciatica Pain Relief Massage: Types And Techniques Explained!


Do you experience pain in your leg frequently? If yes, then you should go for a diagnosis to find out the real cause, because it can be sciatica.

You should know that sciatica is a condition that can cause you pain in the back, buttocks, hips, and legs. Also, you can experience numbness or weakness in your foot, and your pain can be mild to severe. 

Thus, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you should not ignore them, and you must consult your doctor.

Here, we will explore sciatica pain relief massage in detail, which can help you decide whether you want this solution for your sciatica pain or not.

What Is Sciatica Pain Relief Massage?

Sciatica pain can occur from your lower back to your lower legs; you should know the best massage points to relieve this condition.

Thus, you should know that the glutes, hamstring thighs, and calves are the best massage points to relieve sciatica pain. 

Also, you should know that the glutes point to focusing on the big muscles known as the gluteus maximus, the middle ones known as the gluteus medius, and the small ones known as the gluteus minimus.

Moreover, when you massage the hamstring and other things, it will reduce pain from the back of your thighs. Further, when you massage the calves point, you can relieve pain from your legs.

What Are The Types Of Sciatica Pain Relief Massages?

Sciatica can severely affect day-to-day activities since it is characterized by intense, shooting pain along the sciatic nerve. Fortunately, a variety of massage techniques provide comfort by relieving pressure and discomfort in the affected areas. An understanding of the many massage techniques designed specifically to relieve sciatica pain can help with managing the illness.

Types Of Sciatica Pain Relief Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

If you feel chronic pain in your lower back muscles, then deep tissue massage is the best sciatica pain relief massage for you.

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing tension from lower back muscles and connective tissues, and your massage therapist may apply firm pressure to give this massage treatment.

Besides, if you are suffering from severe pain, then the deep tissue massage technique may take a few days to provide you with its advantages.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a type of sciatica pain relief massage that focuses on the myofascial tissues. In this massage type, your massage therapist will identify specific areas in your body that are causing you severe pain.

Further, your massage therapist will massage you with his or her palms, from your lower back to your knee joints. This way, you can get rid of mild to severe muscle pain in your lower back and lower legs.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage focuses on your contracted muscles to relieve tension and sciatica pain. This method can relieve pain more effectively because your massage therapist targets specific areas of your body to massage. Moreover, neuromuscular massage is also known as trigger point therapy, which is one of the widely used sciatica pain relief massage types. 

Hot Stone Massage

Do you want to experience a unique massage therapy to relieve your sciatica pain? If yes, then a hot stone massage is your best option. In this type of sciatica pain relief massage, your massage therapist will use hot stones that are suitable for your skin to massage your back. The objective of hot stone massage is to target your spine in order to get rid of your sciatica pain.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage focuses on improving your blood flow and relaxing your muscles and is one of the most popular sciatica pain relief massage types. In Swedish massage, your massage therapist will not apply firm pressure to your lower back like they usually do in deep tissue massage therapy. Fortunately, you can get rid of your sciatica pain gently through a Swedish massage.

Some Effective Techniques For Sciatica Pain Relief Massage

Lower Back Pressure Relief

Lower back pressure relief, or sacrum pressure relief, is one of the popular techniques for sciatica pain relief massage. In this technique, your massage therapist will gently apply pressure to the base of the spine, known as the sacrum, to ease tension and relax your lower back muscles.

Buttocks Muscle Massage

Buttock muscle massage, or gluteus minimus massage, is a technique that targets your buttock muscles to relieve your sciatica pain. Your massage will gently massage your buttock area to release tightness and reduce pressure on your sciatica nerve.

Hip Bone Side Glide

Hip bone side glide or greater trochanter elbow glide targets your hip area to massage with the elbow. The aim of this technique is to relieve pain in your hip joints and provide relaxation to your hip and leg muscles.

Knee Movement And Back-Of-Leg Massage

Your buttock muscles contribute more to your sciatica pain than you think, and knee movement and back-of-leg massage, or gluteus maximus petrissage, are techniques to get rid of this condition. In this technique, your massage therapist may target your large buttock and thigh muscles to release tension and improve flexibility.

Calf-Thumb Massage

Calf thumb massage, or soleus and gastrocnemius thumb massage, is one of the widely used sciatica pain relief techniques that targets your calf muscles. If you regularly feel pain in your legs, then this technique can eliminate your condition.

Calf-Thumb Massage

Understand Whether Deep Muscle Massage Is Good For Sciatic?

Deep-muscle massage is an effective method to get rid of sciatica pain. Moreover, deep muscle massage targets the muscles around the sciatic nerve to improve blood flow and reduce pain.  However, it may not be beneficial for some people because everybody has different issues and needs. Thus, you have to know about your body condition to find out whether deep muscle massage is good for your sciatica or not.


If you are suffering from sciatica pain, then you must understand how this condition can make it uncomfortable to live your daily life.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this condition through sciatica pain relief massage. Above, we have explained everything about sciatica pain relief massage, including its types, techniques, and best massage points.

We have also explained in detail how beneficial the deep-muscle massage method is and how it can provide different results for different people.

Therefore, contact your massage therapist to massage with your favourite sciatica pain relief massage type and technique and get rid of your sciatica pain.


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