7 Signs Of Having Weakened Immune System – Impact On Your Health


Immunosuppression or immunodeficiency has severe implications for our health. It makes our body susceptible to infections as well as illnesses. Like any other disease, it has multiple causes and the impact could be severe.


They are diverse including genetic, environmental, and medical conditions, medicines, and lifestyle. However, the major ones include-

  1. Medical Conditions– If you are someone who is HIV+ chances are then there is a chance your immune system is compromised. This is because HIV primarily attacks the immune system CD4 which should otherwise fight off diseases. People with cancer like the ones in bone marrow often, lose their ability to ward off infections. People who have autoimmune diseases like lupus often have their immune system attacking them instead of the infections. You can also inherit immunodeficiency from your genes.
  2. Medications– This occurs when you are seeking treatment for cancer in radiation which kills every barrier the body has set up against diseases. Additionally, some people are prescribed immunosuppressants which are medically capable of suppressing the immune system and this could make you vulnerable in every way possible.
  3. Lifestyle and environmental factors– Your stress rate, diet, alcohol and substance consumption, exposure to toxins, and inadequate sleep could all spiral into various diseases and then finally cause you a lot of harm. For instance, if your job involves handling harmful chemicals constantly, chances are it would corrode away your ability to stay your ground.
  4. Aging– This is as simple as it can be. Your vivacity and vitality go down as you reach old age and this makes you immuno-compromised. Children or infants also find it difficult to fight diseases as they are not vaccinated.
  5. Infections– If you are infected in some way, the foreign body could strip away your ability to resist diseases. However, taking medicines to treat the condition could resolve the problem on its own.
Chronic Fatigue

7 Signs Of Having A Weakened Immune System

Now that we know the causes let’s look at the symptoms in great detail-

1. Frequent infections– If your body doesn’t respond to medications and gets infected now and then it might be a sign. This is because the immune system loses its ability to create a shield for you even from the simplest of bacteria. This then gives way to some severe diseases including respiratory discomfort and skin infections, urinary tract infections as well as sinus infections. All these could be lighter as well as chronic which could be difficult to recover from.

2. Slow wound healing– We all know our wound heals itself with the help of our immune system. So as it weakens, scrapes or cuts could even stop healing and would take months to be completely healed. As time passes by, the chances of contracting an infection through an open wound including gangrene increases.

3. Chronic fatigue– If you are constantly battling diseases, there would be no energy left in you for anything else. You could be completely burned out and this leads to fatigue. The lethargy continues to shadow all the phases of your life and decreases its quality immensely.

4. Autoimmune disorders– Doctors think that the development of autoimmune diseases tells a horrifying story about our immune system. As the body starts targeting its cells, it could lead to many adverse effects. People with Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus find it hard to maintain a regulated immune response.

5. Recurrent infections– Herpes, Epstein Barr, or cytomegalic virus can be reactivated quite fast in case your immune system is deficient. You should also seek medical help if simpler infections like oral thrush often create problems for you.

6. Digestive problems– Everything is ultimately connected to our food habits. The Gastrointestinal tract is an important part of the body’s immune system so there could be chances that you suffer from diarrhea more often than not. Opportunistic pathogens could get a hold of your metabolic activity and even increase the lethargy to bigger proportions.

7. Unexplained weight loss– Most people take it as a blessing but it should be a warning sign if you are not dieting or exercising. Cancers, HIV, and autoimmune ailments often present themselves through the corrosion of body weight.

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A weakened immune system is not to be taken lightly. If you notice any of these signs in you or your loved ones, we would suggest you immediately seek medical attention to make early intervention a possibility.

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