Signs Of Panic Attack – Is Panic Attack Dangerous?


Panic Attack is a mental condition that should be properly addressed, especially for the time being when people increasingly experiencing the same. Panic attacks can be dangerous if not treated with care. Early diagnosis and treatment may help the individual get cured of the condition with the maximum possible efficiency.

Apart from that, there are also a lot of signs and symptoms that you should get to know to identify this condition in yourself or people around you. This article may also help you understand those signs in detail. We would also let you know the seriousness of this condition, along with. 

What Is A Panic Attack?

When a person experiences a series of intense fear even without any possibility of real danger or casualty, it is called a panic attack. When a person undergoes a panic attack, they may also experience severe physical reactions against the fear.

The frightening level of panic attacks varies from person to person. Based upon this frightening intensity, the person may lose control over his or her voluntary body movements, experience something similar to a heart attack, or even have a sensation like imminent death.

Woman Having Panic Attack

It is common for people to have 1-2 panic attacks in their whole lifetime. But, if you find yourself in a situation where you experience this condition more frequently, then it is the loudest sign to seek the help of an expert medical practitioner as soon as possible.

Panic attacks can also be termed as panic disorder. A person will never lose their life with these panic attacks, but if it is not treated properly, it may easily ruin the quality of life of an individual leading to mental health breakdown. 

Signs Of Panic Attack 

Now, let us look at some of the most significant signs of panic attacks. Understanding these issues may help you identify the disorder in yourself or in someone else who is around you and struggling with this condition. The worst thing about panic attacks is that they are unpredictable.

The body will not give you early signs of an imminent panic attack in any way. This may happen while driving, attending a corporate meeting, or even while grocery shopping. The only thing you may do is shift to a calming and comfortable space right from the beginning since it would get to the peak within minutes.

Some of the major symptoms or signs experienced right before a panic attack have been mentioned below. 

1. Fear Of Approaching Danger Or Doom 

If you start to feel something like this, you may expect a panic attack very soon. So make sure to seek the help of a friend or someone who is nearby in case the situation gets worse. If you are driving, immediately stop driving and try to park your vehicle in a safe place. You may also try to get out of the closed space and breathe some fresh air. 

2. Losing Control

You may also feel like losing control over all your senses and body movements. This may put you in a feeling of being completely lost. Some may even feel like the moment of their lives when the attack is not going to steal their lives. 

3. Pounding Heartbeats 

Heartbeats with a pounding sensation may also increasingly disturb the individual. The rapid rate of the heartbeats of the person can also be physically exhausting. Hence it is important to take proper rest after each attack. 

4. Sweating 

Sweating can also be seen as a common symptom of panic attacks. It happens as a reaction of the body against the intense fear and anxiety disturbing the consciousness of the individual. 

5. Trembling 

When the person loses control over his senses and body movements, the body may move involuntarily causing uncontrollable shaking and trembling. This would subside when the stressful situation fades out. However, make sure you get enough physical and mental support during this time. 

6. Chills 

The body temperature of the person may also fall significantly when they undergo a panic attack. The person may also experience chills and you may identify this by touching their palms with freezing temperature. 

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Panic attacks are dangerous if they get retained without proper treatment. Moreover, sometimes you may mistake the symptoms of a heart attack for a panic attack, which can also be life-threatening. 

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