Is Sweet Potato Good For Weight Loss? Unveiling Facts!

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Fruits and vegetables are known as protective food. They help maintain good health and fight diseases. Fruits and vegetables are nutritionally dense food, plus they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. In the case of certain ailments like diabetes, doctors restrict the consumption of potatoes, mangoes, and bananas, as their glycemic index is high. Let’s take a look at the connection between sweet potato and weight loss.

Similarly, in the case of gastrointestinal disorders, oranges and lemons are not allowed. Even when on the weight loss journey there are several fruits and vegetables which are prohibited. Potatoes are extremely high in starch and carbohydrates, so they are not a good vegetable while on weight loss. Sweet potatoes, on the contrary, are highly recommended for the weight loss journey.

Why is sweet potato recommended for weight loss?

The regular sweet potato is a superfood and is filled with vitamins and minerals. Sweet potato is available in different beautiful shades like orange, yellow, cream, maroon, and purple. The orange sweet potato is high in carotenoids and the purple one is full of anthocyanin. The two phytonutrients add color to sweet potato. Thus, the color of sweet potato further decides the extra boost of nutrition that it will give you. It gives several health benefits like reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. Also, on the weight loss journey, they are a great option. 

Sweet Potato Good For Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, especially soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is an excellent way to slow down digestion and help you feel full; thus, there is no binge eating or snacking between meals. Researches convey that for weight loss, it is vital to consume 30 g of fiber every day. One bowl of sweet potato gives one-fourth of the required quantity. 

Eating less reduces the calorie intake. Thus, a deficit is created, and the body starts using reserved fat to give energy and thus cause weight loss. Also, consuming sweet potatoes helps to detox the body. The toxins are not only bad but then also cause weight retention. A bowl of sweet potato will help to clear the gut and reset the body’s functions. Apart from the direct help in the weight loss journey, sweet potato has an indirect role. 

Getting over sweet cravings is the toughest part when trying to get rid of the unwanted fat. Sweet potato has a mild, sweet taste and can be mindfully used to make some appetizing desserts. Thus, the sweet cravings are easily sorted out with the help of sweet potatoes. It is an indulgent delicacy but then with almost no calories. 

Sweet potato can help burn stomach fat

Stomach fat is stubborn and the love handles are a nightmare. The excess fat for both men and women accumulates in the stomach area. stomach fat results from various reasons like age, stress, genetics, hormonal disorders, or alcohol. Stomach fat is made up of visceral fat that lies around the organs and leads to health conditions like stroke, heart disease, cancer, and liver functioning.

There is no magic pill that can work to remove the excess fat from the mid-section area. Thus working on overall weight reduction will help burn the fat around the area and also remove the fat layer that has accumulated around the stomach. 

Replace white potato with sweet potato

Firstly both the potatoes are not similar or have the same taste but then still replace each other. Sweet potatoes are root vegetables from the morning glory family, whereas white potatoes are tubers from the nightshade family. Sweet potatoes differ from yams also. Yam is again a tuber from the Lily family. From the weight loss perspective, sweet potatoes are the most beneficial ones as they have fiber and are low in calorie count. 

The potato chips are a delight but are not healthy or supportive in the weight loss journey. Replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes will not hinder weight loss. Oven-baked sweet potatoes are equally delicious and support weight loss. Also, baked fries or mashed sweet potatoes, or pudding from sweet potato is totally scrumptious. 

Nutritional facts about sweet potato

All love sweet potatoes are loved by all and their taste plus the nutrition quotient are high. It has vitamins A, B6, and C. It further contains high amounts of potassium, iron, and fiber, It is low in fat and energy like a cup of sweet potato has about 180 calories. Importantly it does not taste bland and can be easily used in both sweet and savoury dishes. It is a replica of potatoes; thus, using it in meals helps to get more filling at the cost of fewer calories. Various other benefits of sweet potato also make it a much-loved vegetable.

The other benefits of sweet potato are as follows:

  1. It’s good for eye health as it has a carotenoid that helps to improve eye functioning and vision. One cup of sweet potato gives 920 mcg of Vitamin A, whereas the daily required dose is 700 mcg. 
  2. Improves immunity as it has Vitamin A and C in abundance. Vitamin C supports the function of the epithelial barrier that wards off pathogens and protects the skin. It fights the oxidants and kills microbes.
  3. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer properties. Sweet potatoes can protect cardiovascular health and boost brain power. 


 Moderation is the key. In all aspects, weight loss is possible only when the person is on a calorie-deficit diet. Calculating macros, protein, and carb requirements is required so that there is healthy weight loss and it is sustainable. Leading a healthy life and maintaining the desired weight is possible only if the diet is well-balanced.

It is safe to consume sweet potatoes daily, but then use them in a healthy format. That is not frying it at high temperatures but then boiling, baking, steaming, or eating raw. Also, make sure that you have other vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts; as all are important. Not only is it about eating right and mindfully but then staying active and working out are also required. Therefore, eat healthy food in moderation and sweat it out in the gym for ideal shedding those extra kilos.


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