Weight Loss After Post-Gallbladder Surgery: All You Need To Know!

Written by Elizabeth Brown

If you are suffering from a painful gallstone, then you might probably be suffering from improper gallbladder functioning.

In such cases, these gallbladders need to be removed by following the cholecystectomy procedure. Initially, after gallbladder surgery, the person may experience drastic weight loss for a very short term.

The problem arises when the body starts gaining weight, where an individual needs to follow a proper diet and exercise.

In this article, we have described all the methods that can used for proper weight loss while maintaining the diet post-gallbladder surgery.

What Is The Impact Of Gallbladder Surgery On The Human Body?

The gallbladder stores the bile fat extracted by the liver to provide digestion of the food you consume. After the removal of the gallbladder, the body may face some minor problems in digestion.

The thing here to note is that it is not a worrying sign as the impact is so small that you don’t even notice.

Additionally, our body tends to produce a new gallbladder after a few months, and the rest of the digestion activities are taken by the other parts of the body.

But, as soon as the surgery is successful, the individual may experience excessive weight loss in a few days. After that, the body starts gaining weight, which is a big concern, and it is important to get rid of this unwanted fat.

It happens because gallbladder removal changes the structure of the biliary tract, which is essential for the digestion process.

Impact Of Gallbladder Surgery

As a result, the extra bile fat that is stored in the gallbladder starts flowing through the small intestine when released from the liver, resulting in the digestion process.

In most cases, it has also been found that people experience a temporary adjustment period in the digestive system after cholecystectomy treatment.

These symptoms generally improve by following a proper diet and practicing physical activities. It has also been observed that people can follow their normal diet within one month after removal.

Only a few cases are seen where people who have gone through gallbladder surgery developed long-term digestive difficulties where the reasons are not clear.

What Are The Methods To Lose Weight After Post-Gallbladder Surgery?

As you know, gallbladder surgery caused aggressive weight gain just after one month, which sounds fearful. But the good news is, it is possible to put off weight by following a proper diet and doing exercise.

Here, many people make mistakes and seek a quick weight loss plan that is healthy but may cause some serious problems in the long run.

Instead, it is recommended to make good dietary choices and have patience while engaging in regular exercises for overall health.

It doesn’t mean that you must stop consuming those foods that you love the most and torture your body in the name of following a healthy diet.

Besides this, you can have all the food that you prefer to include in your daily diet but in a specific amount.

If you have excessive weight after gallbladder, you should consult your doctor or talk to a dietitian for better advice. In general, you can follow the following tips to maintain a healthy diet to lose weight after gallbladder removal.

  • The first tip is to choose a healthy and balanced diet to gain all the nutrients essential for the body.
  • Parallel physical activities are also essential to lose the extra fats that are produced by the liver.
  • Eliminate the food items that contain calories and fats to avoid the production of weight-supporting elements in the body.
  • Instead, consume food that contains fiber, which is easy to digest.
  • Eliminate the habit of overeating, as it can affect your digestion process and may slow down it.
  • Divide your whole-day diet into smaller meals to ensure a better mix of available bile.

These tips can help the individual to put off weight in a healthy way after gallbladder surgery. While following this process, it is also essential to know the type of food to consume to avoid any issues in the future.

Diet To Follow After Gallbladder Removal

Gallbladder surgery can weaken the body for a few days and may cause various issues in the body. One such health issue is diarrhea, which can drain all the vitamins, minerals, and fluid from the body.

So, it is essential to regain those nutrients, which can done by following a proper diet.

Soon after the surgery, people tend to make mistakes by consuming solid food, which can harm the body.

Fluid Diet

Therefore, it is recommended to have a fluid diet for the first two days to achieve all the nutrients that are drained due to diarrhea. It is also recommended not to involve any activity that is associated with weight loss.

After one month, you can follow the specific diet to lose weight while including the proper food items that are given below.

  • Choose food that is rich in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, to normalize bowel movement.
  • Opt for lean meat and fatty fish instead of high-protein meat.
  • You can also follow a bland diet that eliminates spicy food, which can cause problems like gastrointestinal problems.
  • Reduce caffeine intake and avoid fried food from your diet.

These types of food items are easily digestible and provide all the nutrients that are essential to maintain a healthy weight. Apart from these food items, you must also drink lots of water and other healthy food to put off weight after gallbladder removal.


The removal of the gallbladder is a common surgery that leads to improved weight gain within a few days. It is really a big concern among the people and search and effective ways to lose weight after the removal.

But there is only one way to tackle this problem, following a proper diet while being involved in physical exercise.

If you weigh excessive weight, then it is recommended to consult your doctor for better advice.

It is also advised to avoid alcohol consumption for two days after gallbladder removal and consume only fluid to gain all the nutrients that are drained from the body.


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Elizabeth Brown is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping clients successfully achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals. She received her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Washington and completed her dietetic internship at Harborview Medical Center. Elizabeth specializes in bariatric patient care, working closely with bariatric surgery teams to provide pre- and post-operative nutrition counseling. She has supported hundreds of patients in preparing for weight loss surgery, adopting the required dietary changes, and making lifestyle adjustments for long-term success. She stays up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in bariatric surgery aftercare through her membership in the Obesity Society (TOS) and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). She is an avid speaker and educator, presenting regularly at local and national conferences on topics related to post-bariatric nutrition and weight maintenance.

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