What Are The Positions To Relieve Gas In Babies? Best Positions Explored!


Babies are soft creatures and are easily prone to diseases and many other problems that can cause discomfort or pain to them. Infants have a fast metabolism, and they get hungry quite a lot than older kids. Eating multiple times can cause a gassy stomach in babies, which causes discomfort to them. Here, you are going to learn about some positions that help cure a gassy baby.

Reasons Why Babies Get Gassy

When a baby gets gassy, there are many things that you can do to relieve them from the discomfort. Knowing what is causing the gas in the baby will negate the chances of it happening again. There are some common reasons that can cause a baby to get gassy. The main and common reasons for gas in babies are mentioned here. Have a look:

1] Gulping Air While Feeding Or Breastfeeding

Babies have a reflex for eating and drinking whatever comes in contact with their tongue. Babies tend to gulp a lot of air while feeding baby formula or while breastfeeding. There is only so much space in a baby’s belly; that much air can cause the baby to get gassy and cause a lot of discomfort.

2] Constipation

Constipation is a common condition everyone faces. Babies get them quite often; it can happen due to weather, diet, or sleeping in the wrong positions. The main effect that can be seen due to constipation in babies is gas. Constipation stops the bowel movement in babies, which results in gas and pain after that.

3] Viral Infection

Viral infections can be a cause of gas. As babies get viral infections like a cold, they sneeze, get hiccups, and gulp air quite often. These are all the more reasons that cause the baby to get gassy.

Indications That Show A Baby Is Gassy

You can treat your baby and relieve it from gas, but only if you know whether it is gas that’s causing your baby pain and discomfort. Here are some indications babies will show when they are gassy:  

1] Grumpiness

Infants tend to get grumpy and irritated when they get gassy, as it causes a lot of discomfort to them. 

2] Crying A Lot

Babies cry a lot due to the pain and discomfort gas is causing them. Crying can be a sign of gas in your baby, so check if the baby stops crying if you comfort her.

3] Bloated Or Hard Belly

Check for a swollen belly in your baby to see if the baby has gas or not. When gas is stored in a baby’s belly, due to less space, it makes the belly bloated and gets hard, which is a sign of gas in the baby.

4] Vomiting

A gassy stomach can cause your baby to vomit often, but vomiting is a good sign as it removes a little gas every time with it.

Best Positions To Relieve Gas In Babie

Best Positions To Relieve Gas In Babies

Here are the positions that are going to help your baby get relief from gas’s discomfort and pain. These positions have been relieving babies from gas for a very long time. Here are the positions for your baby’s gassy belly:

1] Belly Hold

For doing a belly hold for your baby, you need to pick her up gently. Support the baby’s head calmly, lay her belly on your forearm, that’s it. This position puts enough pressure on the belly and also makes way for the gas to get released either through burp or a fart.

2] Bike Riding Move

This movement can simply make the gas go away through a fart or a burp. You just need to lay your baby down facing up, and hold both legs, and do the bicycle movement with them.

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3] Back Rubbing

Rub your baby’s back gently. This will help in making way for the gas to get released through a burp. 

4] Swaddling

Try swaddling your baby with comfortable clothes. Studies have shown that swaddling helps in relieving babies from gas rapidly. Don’t swaddle your baby if it tends to roll sideways to prevent suffocating.

Help Your Baby With These Remedies

These positions have been helping every mother to relieve their babies from gas pain and discomfort for a long time. Follow a healthy diet for your baby and use these positions on your babies to relieve them from gassy belly.

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