What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently?


Dark circles under the eyes might seem to be a sleep depriving problem that requires urgent attention. Basically this skin discoloration comes with negative mind thoughts like making people feel they are getting older, or not taking proper care of the body. There are natural and medically prescribed methods used to get rid of under  eyes dark circles. This article will explain the causes and how to get rid of it.

What Are Dark Circles Under Eyes? Why Do They Happen?

Dark Circles Under eyes are also called periorbital dark circles are visible skin areas under your eyes that are darkened. These dark circles usually make a person older or tired, it does not indicate a person to look agile. That’s why it is basically addressed to old people and classifies as the symptoms of age. The areas of the eyes may look as shades of blue, purple, brown or black.

Dark circles under eyes do not indicate that a person has underlying medical problems. In most people the condition does come and go. It can sometimes be genetic. It can also happen as a result of an individual’s lifestyle such as smoking, being exposed to too much sunlight or heat and too much exposure of the eyes to screens for too long.

Dark Circles

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark circles under eyes can be triggered by the following;

  • Ageing: this is one of the most common causes. When you grow older, the skin under the eyes begins to loosen and thin out making the blood vessels under the eyes skin to become more visible leading to darkening of the eyes skin appearance. It can also result in tear troughs caused by hollowed areas. The tear troughs cause shadows that make the appearance of puffy eyes more visible.
  • Genetics: research and evidence has shown that this condition can be hereditary. If your mother or father has this, there’s a possibility that you can likely develop dark circles under your eyes. It certainly does run in families.
  • Dermatitis: most times eczema; a skin infection and contact dermatitis can make blood vessels in the eyes to dilate and become obvious through the skin as dark circles under eyes.
  • Rubbing Your Eyes: if you fall under those who constantly rub or scratch their eyes, just know that you are creating an avenue for under eyes dark circles visitation. This is because constant scratching can cause your eyes to swell and the blood vessels will break.
  • Lack Of Sleep: certainly this is very true. If you don’t sleep well, you can likely have dark circles under your eyes. This is because the skin under your eyes will look pale and the blood vessels can show through it.
  • Hyperpigmentation:  more melanin is made when you expose your body to the sun too much. That part being heated by the sun can become darkened showcasing the reflection under your eyes.
  • Dehydration: if you don’t constantly drink water often the skin under your eyes will start looking pale.
  • Lifestyle Factors: one can engage in habits that can lead to this such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently?

If you are looking to permanently get rid of your dark circles, you are not alone and affirmatively, you can possibly get rid of your under eyes dark circles permanently by doing the following:

Get Rid Of Dark Circles
  • Getting enough sleep of eight hours daily. 
  • Try to elevate your head when sleeping.
  • If an increased vasculature occurs, apply cold compresses to reduce the appearance of darkened skin.
  • Dark eyes often arise when you expose your skin to sun, so better off will be reducing skin exposure to sunlight.
  • Cucumber slices can do excellent work when applied to the areas of the eyes affected.
  • Tea bags are commonly used to get rid of dark circles fast. Put it in the fridge and allow it to cool then apply to the affected area.
  • Vitamin C can resolve dark circles permanently. It can increase the production of collagen. You can use beauty products with vitamin C for fast response.
  • Retinoid cream can boost the production of collagen and help get rid of dark circles.

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You might not be old but surprised to see the onset of dark circles around your eyes. That might cause some emotional distress. If you frequently expose your skin to the sun, then it shouldn’t amaze you. With the following tips above, you can permanently get rid of dark circles around your eyes. 

Vitamin C can help increase the production of collagen, thereby dimming off the dark circles.

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