What Foods Are High In Melatonin? – Benefits Help You sleep Fast!


The idiom, “sleeping like a baby” makes a lot of sense when we are adults. Babies are known to sleep like they have no care in the world. It is also because their lifestyle is simple and free from stress and monotony.

However as we grow up, our sleep schedules start to change and undergo a lot of transitions. It could be due to work or personal issues but in any case, we take naps at odd hours.

This blog will discuss the secretion of Melatonin which is important to get a sound sleep. We will also be looking at the 10 best sources of Melatonin.

What is melatonin and what are its functions?

Melatonin as described above is an essential ingredient needed to get a good night’s sleep. Produced in the pineal gland of the brain, it is what regulates our circadian rhythm; our sleep cycle.

Melatonin Functions

It is also known to be produced in the gut which then travels to other parts of the body so that we can sleep like a baby! Apart from this, its benefits include,

Regulation of sleep-wake cycle

There is a cycle that everybody follows when it comes to sleeping and waking up on time. The release of Melatonin makes the process a bit more smooth and helps the body gain a rhythm.

Jet lag and sleep disorders

When there is enough melatonin generation or its production is disrupted, chances are your body will be adversely affected and even lead to sleep disorders.

Antioxidant properties

The other uses of melatonin include the oxidization of free toxic radicals that often pollute the bloodstream.

Other functions

Some of its other functions include hormone supplementation, regulating one’s mood, and various other advantages. Scientists also believe that an absence of Melatonin could even harm our immune system.

Best 10 melatonin-rich foods

Melatonin-rich foods are useful for people who often experience restlessness when lying in bed. However, there is no reason to worry anymore as we will be giving the full list of foods you should include in your diet-

1. Milk

Remember the time our mothers used to force us to drink milk before sleeping? This is because it is known to have immense amounts of tryptophan. While Trytophan might not be helpful to us the body can consume and convert it into serotonin and later on Melatonin.

2. Pistachios

We should have got the cue from its green color. Besides being an excellent source of protein and good for snacking, pistachios are full of melatonin that could work the way you want. Sprinkle some pistachio powder on your smoothie or you could take some raw.

3. Tart berries

Who knew these small red miracles could be something that gives us sleep? Apart from the tasty tangy flavor you crave, it also is rich in melatonin and those with insomnia might give it a chance. Dress your salads with this to add color and nutrients to your food.

4. Fatty fish

Though prominently known for their omega-3 fatty acids content, it is no wonder these delicious fishes are full of melatonin. Due to its protein-rich quality, it may not add to the calories and would even satiate your hunger for long periods.

5. Rice

You heard us right! Though it is often pictured as a villain, rice options could be a promising choice when it comes to getting sound sleep. Rice not only produces melatonin but also serotonin stabilizing the mood.

6. Goji berries

Besides being a nutrient galore, Goji berries are also known widely for their melatonin content and their astonishing ability to trigger sleep.

7. Oats

Oats need no introduction and are easily one of the healthiest foods. When it is tired of being the love of gym lovers, it helps the digestive system which also includes the production of melatonin to induce the sleep-wake cycle in an ideal way.

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are considered to be world delicacies and their exorbitant cost speaks about it. However, eating it is not going to be futile as it helps hormone generation like Melatonin, in large quantities. 

9. Corn

Corn is crunchy and tasty but mostly it stands out with its ability to help regulate serotonin. Though it generally has scarce amounts of melatonin, it can help generate serotonins which make sure we get a healthy slumber.

10. Bananas

Good old bananas never disappoint us and it is true in this case as well. Eating bananas before sleep can help generate melatonin which makes it ideal to be a bedtime snack.

You should also be aware of the quantity you are consuming if you are on a diet. We say this because a lot of items on this list can also increase your carb content which could throw you off your schedule.

What other options are necessary to ensure a sound sleep?

You might be familiar with at least some of these and they include,

  • Don’t stress before sleep: Taking stress before falling asleep can lead to multiple problems and the person could also feel sleeplessness.
  • Avoid looking at computers or mobile phones: Their light could stop your eyes from resting and getting enough sleep.
  •  Drink lots of water: Hydration is important but it gains special status when sleeping. Flushing all the unwanted elements could help you fall asleep easily and calmly.
  • Walk for 30 minutes before sleeping: Walking before sleeping is ideal.


Eating the foods above can help you gain lots of melatonin. However, you should find it interesting that these foods should not be eaten all at once.

You can also look for interesting ways to add them to your meal schedule so that it doesn’t seem monotonous. Sleeping shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Many ailments have their root cause as insomnia.

Following the steps above along with the foods with melatonin, you can have a peaceful slumber without much trouble. If these don’t work for you, you might want to consult a doctor so that you can find the root cause of the condition.


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