What Is The Role Of Testes In Men? How Closely To Look On Injury To Testes?


The testes also known as testicles are two oval-shaped male reproductive organs located in the scrotum, which is a pouch of skin and muscle located outside the body. The testes have multiple functions to play in the body. Apart from being a sexual organ, it is also known to serve many other purposes.

What Is The Role Of Testes In Men? Importance Of Testes

The testes in men are important because they enable-

Importance Of Testes
  1. Sperm Production– This is the primary function of the organ. It continuously produces sperm which is a crucial part of the male reproductive system. These further fuse with the woman’s egg and lead to the production of the fetus. Spermatogenesis or sperm production is a complex and continuous process that occurs in the seminiferous tubules of the testes. It is here that the cells are divided into germ cells and mature sperm cells. Ever since its beginning in puberty, the production continues throughout life and is stored in Epididymis until its ejaculation during the coitus.
  2. Testosterone Production– The Leydig cells around the tubules produce testosterone in the tissues. It is a male sex hormone that has a wide array of uses including the development of secondary male characteristics, libido and sexual function, sperm maturation, maintenance of male reproductive organs, and body composition. Male secondary characteristics distinguish men from women; the growth of facial hair, deepening of the voice, and male body structure with broad shoulders. Libido is essential for males to attain an erection to engage in sexual intercourse. Testerone also plays a major role in the maturation of the germ cells into sperm cells which make them viable enough to reproduce. Additionally, it also decides the bone-muscle density in males.
  3. Feedback loops– Though the above two are its primary functions, the organs are also known to be in a loop with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This is how it regulates the release and control of the male hormone. When testosterone is low, the hypothalamus signals the pituitary by releasing a hormone which in turn intimates testes that ultimately takes care of the deficiency.
  4. Fertility– sperm production and quality are essential for male fertility. The testes become critical to this process by treating conditions like accidents, trauma, or other injuries.
  5. Temperature regulation– Their location outside the body keeps them cooler than the rest of the body. Sperms can only thrive in cooler temperatures and therefore testes make sure it is farther or near the body as per the exterior weather conditions.
  6.  Health complications– The testes in men could also be indicative of serious underlying conditions. A routine checkup could reveal hidden diseases like testicular cancer which is fatal if not treated.

Injury To Testes

Testicular injury should be in no way taken lightly. Not only can it cause severe pain and swelling, but the twisting of spermatic cords could lead to the death of the testes and their adjacent tissues. Additionally, infections can also bother testes that enter the body through a cut. If left untreated it could meddle with the testes’ responsibilities and even render them useless.

Lastly, testicular injuries could also lead to fertility issues in the long term where the sperm of the man is no longer viable. Though a single testicle could be enough to produce healthy sperm, as time passes there could be a situation when the hormone production is not enough impacting one’s sexual life.

Patients have also revealed having abscesses near the testes which could be a ball of pus. Moreover, the testes could also be prone to swelling which is painful and even leads to shrinkage. An equally dangerous condition sepsis is even known to spread to other vital organs and disrupt their functioning.

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Testes like any other body parts should be protected and taken care of due to their vitality in the body functioning. It is not just a sexual organ but seems to control all the spheres in a male body.

Therefore it is imperative to take care of it by eating a balanced diet, exercising, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. This means no smoking or drinking. In case you do feel any abnormality during self-examination, you should not wait very long to consult a  health care professional.

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