Yoga For Beginners Weight Loss: How To Practice?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Yoga has been one of the most effective and classic ways to lose weight and maintain flexibility for a long time. It is only recently that yoga has become popular among people around the world. It is the best way to lose weight and attain that lean look you’ve been trying to achieve. However, doing yoga has never been easy; it takes dedication and time to learn the asanas with the correct form and get the benefits of yoga. 

Being one of the oldest exercise types in human history, yoga has been used and modified over the years, but the basics are always the same. And, if you are one of those beginners who are looking to reform their bodies with the help of yoga, you’ll learn everything about it here.

Yoga For Weight Loss: Benefits Beyond Burning Calories

Yoga Benefit You In Weight Loss

Doing yoga with the correct form and for a long time can increase the lean muscle mass in your body, making you lose weight in the meantime. It has been done in Indian culture for thousands of years and has benefited people in many aspects. Every pose of yoga targets particular parts of your body, making it flexible and reducing the toxins present in that area. 

When you start doing yoga daily, it starts to elevate your metabolic rate at an exponential rate. This is due to the movements that stretch out your limbs and other body parts and make you more flexible. Losing fat is not an easy task, but yoga is a great way to make that happen and gain that lean body you’ve been thinking about.

When your metabolism becomes faster due to regular yoga, your body starts to burn more fat and calories. Belly fat is one of the most rigid areas, which gives you a hard time losing fat due to the low movement in the area around it. Doing Naukasana and Kumbhakasana will strictly target the lower part of your belly and make you lose fat faster.

Which Yoga Variations Will Work Best For You?

When it comes to learning to do yoga as a beginner, it is crucial to understand that yoga has a total of 84 asanas in yoga. However, you don’t have to do all 84 of them; you need to choose only those that work best for you. Choosing those poses or asanas can get a bit tricky if you don’t have an idea about those poses and their benefits. 

Losing Belly Fat With Yoga Asanas

When you want to lose belly fat, yoga asanas like Naukasana and Kumbhakasana will work best for you. Planks and bow poses are some modern versions of those asanas and can work in similar ways. You can do planks and cobra poses in the morning, have your breakfast, and enjoy the day. Other exercises like Suryanamaskar and boat poses can also be beneficial for you in losing belly fat.

Asanas For Losing Fat From Leg Area

Fat is mainly stored in the leg areas like the hips, thighs, and calves. Doing yoga asanas like Virabhadrasana II, Chair pose, Naukasana, and Utkasana have ultimate benefits in losing leg fat. Make sure you are doing these exercises in the correct form and for a short period in the beginning. Yoga might look easy but can prove to be hard when done, and it can also cause cramps if you are doing it for the first time.

Other Factors That Can Help You Lose Weight Along With Yoga

Doing yoga regularly might be beneficial in increasing your metabolism and making you hungrier. However, maintaining your diet and not yielding to your cravings will help you maintain a low body weight for a long time.

You need to continue doing your yoga and start to add some extra effort, like proper diet and restrictions if you want to lose fat. Here are all the activities that will help you maintain a low body weight along with Yoga:

1] Make The Most Out Of Your Training

Do your Yoga and take it seriously every day; make sure you are also adding extra training like running or cycling as well to enhance the process. When it comes to running and cycling, these exercises only increase your metabolic rate and make you lose fat faster. You can choose to do swimming as well, as it helps you burn calories at an exponential rate.

2] Rejuvenate Yourself With Proper Nutrition

Nutrition after your training is the most crucial part of losing weight. Add protein, fiber, and mineral-rich foods to your diet. You need to eat smaller portions just to sustain the energy until the next meal. The main reason for gaining weight is when people stuff their belly with their meal. So make sure you are using smaller plates to eat your meals; it will trick your brain into feeling less hungry.

3] Give Up The Sugar Intake

Sugar and starch are the enemies you need to get rid of in your life if you want to lose fat. Along with yoga, you need to cut down your sugar intake, it will benefit the glycemic control in your body. Eating less sugar from a young age will also prevent you from getting diabetes in the future.

4] Manage Your Stress Accordingly

Stress is the main reason people start to eat aimlessly and gain excessive fat. This leads to increased body weight and risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future. Make sure you are stressing for a limited time only, as it increases your cortisol levels as well. Doing yoga will give you mindfulness and keep you stress-free for a long time. 

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The Bottom Line

Doing yoga is always beneficial, and the main thing about it is that it doesn’t have any side effects like those of weight loss drugs. People usually go for the easy way to solve any problem, but choosing harmful medications can lead to serious health issues in the future. That’s why be sure that you are doing your Yoga poses with the correct form every day and taking your diet seriously.


Yoga: What You Need To Know

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