The Role Of Parents In Youth Sports Rehabilitation


The scope of sports rehabilitation has advanced over recent years. This fact is well evidenced by the awareness that any type of injury or sickness associated with sports activities needs to be rehabilitated then and there.

Youth Sports Rehabilitation

Owing credit in this regard to the efforts made by the relevant stakeholders, especially the parents in youth sports rehabilitation, the current article sets out to evaluate their role in rehabilitating their young athletic sons and daughters to prevent sports-related injuries.

Youth Sports Rehabilitation

What Is Sports Rehabilitation?

The term, ‘rehabilitation’ theoretically signifies the restoration of the anatomy and function of a human body due to any form of ailment – the cause being due to age, injury, or any chronic health condition.

Of note, sports rehabilitation works on this concept, where the strenuous physical activities undertaken on a routine basis are likely to result in musculoskeletal sprain or injury.

The fact that young and old in sports are at higher risk of sustaining such injuries, sports rehabilitation and the various aspects, including the relevant stakeholders involved there are meant to do the needful for what it takes to restore the normal functionality of the injured sportsmen.

P.S: Having acknowledged what rehabilitation means from both general and sports viewpoints, it would be worth noting here that it is a Latin-derived concept ‘rehabilitare’, where ‘re’ indicates ‘again’ and ‘habitare’ denotes ‘make fit.’

Why Is Rehabilitation Important In Sports?

One cannot deny, nor avoid the possibilities of sustaining musculoskeletal injury when being in sports. The inevitability of experiencing some or the other forms of sports-related injury has significantly called for effectualizing the prospects of rehabilitation in sports.

Of note, this need has become highly mandatory in youth sports, especially for the high-impact activities involved there, such as football and rugby. The macro-traumatic injuries that can result from the strong force experienced in these types of games, such as due to falls, accidents, collisions, and lacerations are more than enough to demand rehabilitation.

Besides, since there exist both primary (injury involving direct tissue damage) and secondary injuries, i.e., due to the transmission of forces triggering the release of inflammatory mediators, in the spectrum of macro-traumas, these indeed call for rehabilitating the muscles and joints affected.

Even if one sustains micro-traumas because of the overuse of the muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons in activities like swimming, running, cycling, and rowing, these equally call for rehabilitating the involved joints and muscles, given that the main aim of the processes involved there is to help a sportsperson to return to normal functioning and activity.

Rehabilitation In Youth Sports

Compared to what youth sports looked like many decades ago, say 30 to 40 years ago, the significant changes made over the years following have significantly rendered the rehabilitation segment to be an integral part of this area.

The youth of today has been found to be involved in either individual or group sports, rather than participating in multiple others. This tendency, particularly among middle and high school students has consequently raised concerns related to overuse injury due to their participation in the same type of games, thereby reinforcing the need for rehabilitation.

Secondly, the number of young athletes treated with overuse injuries year after year has markedly called for the need to involve their parents in hopes of helping prevent such occurrences.

Moreover, the fact that not much importance or emphasis has been placed on providing appropriate therapy or recovery schedules, parents are prone to expect more serious and even debilitating injuries in their athlete kids.

Parental Intervention In Youth Sports Rehabilitation

As interpreted from the earlier statements, repetitive activities and the resultant overuse injuries in sports are more than likely to cause a lack of movement and functioning in young athletes. If prompt rehabilitation is not provided along with the time required to heal, then damage to their bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons is more likely to happen, making their kids significantly debilitated throughout their lives.

Since sports rehabilitation for youth is not conducted appropriately in most cases, this has caused enough worries and concerns among the parents of many sports kids. Of note, concerns have risen to the point of having the latter intervene to provide safety measures for their young sportsmen.

The former’s initiations to adopt proactive measures for their children in this regard can prove a lot helpful for the latter in preventing repetitive injuries – borne from the same kind of strenuous activities in the field.

These issues have simultaneously led sports-savvy parents to contemplate and implement appropriate rehabilitative treatment-cum physical therapy and even suggest cross-training to prevent overuse injury. 

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Since it has become clear that sports-related injuries, especially in youth, require rehabilitation to be undertaken efficiently, this can only be effectively carried out with strong parental intervention, especially by those parents who want their young sons and daughters to stay fit and active in the field by preventing any major trauma that may come in their way.

Parental support has thus become highly mandatory in such scenarios, where their presence will help ensure that their kids are receiving proper therapy and rehabilitation and that these are done to help the injured athletes recover to the point of restoring their routine functionalities.

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