What Are The Benefits Of Increasing Your Testosterone Levels? Make You Bigger, Faster & Stronger


Testosterone is a very useful hormone for both men and women. It’s the reason you have a good sex drive and as a man, you can produce sperm, and as a woman, you can produce ovaries necessary for reproduction. However, people usually ascribe it to men because they have lot of it than women.

Aside from sex, it also performs other relevant functions in the body. Sadly, some things can happen and make have low testosterone levels. As a result, you won’t enjoy these benefits anymore. During these scenarios, it’s better to find a solution to restore your normal health. 

Dangers Of Low Testosterone(Male Hypogonadism) Levels: Why Men Need Testosterone

When the testosterone levels are below 300 to 1,000 ng/dL for men and 15 to 70 ng/dL for women, it’s proof that it has gotten lower than usual. One of the first signs to notice in yourself or your partner, or sometimes, both of you is low libido also known as low sex drive.

Matters concerning sex won’t interest you anymore because there is not enough testosterone to stimulate specific brain regions like the hypothalamus and limbic system responsible for regulating sexual behavior and emotional responses. Now, imagine a world where almost everyone has a low libido, that’s one of the fastest ways to go into extinction. No one will want sex and making babies might also be devalued.

Another danger of low testosterone levels is erectile dysfunction (ED). The testosterone helps to produce nitric oxide, a molecule that expands the blood vessels in the penile area. This means that there’s not enough blood circulating to your penis so you will just be disappointed despite several efforts to maintain erection. As a result, it will affect your mood and give you stress, and anxiety, reduce your self-confidence, and probably affect your relationship with your partner.

Other dangers to consider include lower bone density, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular issues, depression, etc. This is why having low testosterone levels can ruin your day or become a thorn in your flesh. As a result, you should try as much as possible to increase your testosterone levels through regular exercise, adequate sleep, taking a balanced diet, moderate alcohol consumption, etc. With these, you can enjoy the following benefits of increased testosterone levels.

Dangers Of Low Testosterone

Benefits Of Increasing Your Testosterone Levels

1. Enhanced muscle mass and strength: Testosterone is like a coach or superhero that encourages your muscles to get better by giving them the right building blocks (protein) and reducing any excess breakdown. So when you have many of these testosterone, your muscles will get stronger and you can use it for lifting weights and sporting activities. 

2. Maintain a healthy weight: After eating certain kinds of foods that have been stored in your body, those fats can still be broken down and used as energy for the body. Apart from enhancing your muscles and making them stronger, it also helps you to burn unnecessary fats in the body. So even if you’re not exercising, certain foods that help to increase testosterone levels will help you to lose weight to an extent.

3. Healthy heart: When your testosterone levels are high, it can also contribute to a healthy heart because it ensures nothing is blocking the arteries that transport blood from the heart to other parts of the body through a process called vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels). There won’t be artery stiffness, instead, it will have space for blood to flow including healthy fat that will reach the heart.

4. Enhance sex performance: When you have increased testosterone levels, just know that your sex life will improve. Don’t complain when your partner isn’t tired of sex and ready to go several rounds with you. Besides, sex can increase your bond and strengthen your relationship. If both of you have high testosterone levels, then you will complement each other and enjoy premium sex. Even when you’re back from work, you will have the power to satisfy your partner.

5. Improved mood and mental well-being: Why will you not be in a good mood when your muscles are strong, you have a healthy weight, you can sleep well, there is high libido, etc.? Moreover, testosterone influences neurotransmitter systems, like serotonin to make you optimistic about life. As a result, you’ll have less chance of being depressed and worrying about life’s uncertainties.

6. Increased bone density: Increased testosterone can help to make the bones stronger. As a result, it can hardly experience fractures, and conditions like osteoporosis that cause weakened bones will be a fantasy. Osteoporosis is common in people with low testosterone levels. However, old age can reduce testosterone levels so weakened bones are likely to happen. Nevertheless, the right techniques to increase testosterone levels have been proven to increase bone density.

7. Lower chances of getting metabolic syndrome: Individuals with metabolism syndrome are vulnerable to conditions like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes due to abdominal obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar levels, and abnormal lipid profiles. Increased testosterone levels can help regulate metabolism such as insulin sensitivity and fat distribution so that it won’t escalate to metabolic syndrome. 

8. Better sleep: Sometimes, you enjoy your sleep and you don’t know that high testosterone levels could be responsible for it. This hormone reaches its peak level in the morning following a natural daily pattern, so if it gets low, you will notice changes in your regular sleep pattern. So for better sleep, ensure you’re eating the right diet, exercising, etc., to boost your testosterone levels.

High Testosterone Levels

Sum Up

Having low testosterone levels isn’t something that should be taken for granted because apart from affecting your sex life, it can also affect your sleep, mood, muscle mass, bone health, metabolism, etc. So endeavor to avoid anything that will reduce your testosterone levels but engage in activities that will boost it. Furthermore, you can still consult your healthcare provider for more information about testosterone levels and how to increase it. With this information at hand, you can enjoy the benefits of an increased testosterone level.


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