Can DHEA Supplements Boost Testosterone In Males? Explored


Are you planning to buy DHEA supplements that claim to boost testosterone in males? Before jumping onto the bandwagon, it’s quite necessary to get the facts right. In this article, we will delve deep into how DHEA works and also find out whether DHEA supplements boost testosterone in males.

What Is DHEA?

The body’s adrenal glands naturally create the hormone known as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA aids in producing other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. During early adulthood, natural DHEA levels touch their maximum and gradually diminish as you age.

What Is A Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for the development of male characteristics. This hormone also plays a vital role in bone density, muscle mass, and production of red blood cells. However, when there is a drop in testosterone levels, people resort to testosterone boosters available in the market.

If the symptoms associated with low testosterone are severe, there are legal options available where one needs to have a prescription. DHEA, a precursor steroid hormone is one such option. 

Can DHEA Supplements Boost Testosterone In Males?

There are differing views on whether DHEA supplements can boost testosterone in males. It was found to have a significant effect as per some studies, whereas others showed that there was no impact at all. Let’s quickly go through the findings from two studies.

  • As part of a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, the effects of a DHEA supplement were analyzed. The subjects included eight middle-aged assigned males and they were given a DHEA supplement the previous night before taking part in a high-intensity interval training exercise program. The results later showed that the use of DHEA supplements elevated testosterone levels. It was also observed that these supplements prevented testosterone levels from dropping during exercise.
  • Urology journal published the findings of a study where 40 individuals from an ED clinic were subjected to the impact of DHEA. The participants were randomly divided into two groups. The first group was given a DHEA supplement daily for six months whereas the second group took a placebo. At the end of the study, it was found that people who took DHEA supplements went through a significant improvement in terms of achieving or maintaining an erection. However, it did not make any impact on testosterone levels.

According to a section of people, taking DHEA to boost testosterone production can be effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). It is also to be noted that DHEA is often projected as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

However, according to research, testosterone replacement therapy works out better than DHEA in the case of sexual dysfunction, frailty, and depression.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Never make the mistake of using DHEA along with testosterone. Combining DHEA with testosterone might lead to symptoms such as low sperm count and gynecomastia, a condition that causes an overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in males.
  1. There is very little information available about the safety of using DHEA supplements regularly or in the long term to increase testosterone. However, DHEA supplements come with many side effects such as acne and oily skin, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia (a sleep disorder that causes difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep), high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and lowered HDL (good) cholesterol.
  1. Stay away from taking DHEA supplements in high doses for extended periods.
  1. Before taking DHEA supplements, consult with a knowledgeable healthcare provider. These supplements should be taken only under their supervision and make sure that you check your hormone levels regularly.
  1. If you are suffering from health issues such as heart disease, depression, bipolar disorder, diabetes, and liver disease, then DHEA supplements may turn out to be harmful. The same applies if you are at risk of hormone-sensitive conditions such as prostate cancer as well. Also, keep in mind that DHEA may interact with certain medications.


Hope the article cleared the air on whether DHEA supplements boost testosterone in males. There is no dearth of DHEA supplements in the market. However, make sure that you follow the points discussed in the earlier sections before using DHEA supplements to boost testosterone.

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