Best Chest Cable Workouts To Try Out – Is Cable Chest Workout Effective?


Chest workouts that make use of a cable can fasten your journey of building chest strength. You have to put in equal effort and it requires determination and you have to be patient in this journey. The presence of a cable can help to put the muscles under constant pressure and can build momentum and develop the muscles. Here is a list of the best cable chest workouts that you can try out. 

Best Chest Cable Workouts

Let us start by talking about the beginner cable chest workouts. You can start doing the 

  • For beginners
  • Cable Bench Press
  • Flat Cable Flys

Almost everyone will know how to do this. You can do these as supersets, for a total of two or three sets, when you are just a beginner. 

  • As you advance 

In this stage, you can do more advanced exercises for the chest and can also use the chest fly machine for doing certain exercises. 

👉 High-To-Low Cable Flys

  • Set the two pulleys higher
  • Choose the weight
  • Now grasp both the handles, give a neutral grip
  • Move forward into a split, only by a step
  • Pull the handles and hold out the arms to shoulder height
  • Slightly bend the elbows when you do this
  • Bring down the arms to the waistline
  • Squeeze together pecs at the bottom of the movement 
  • Now open the arms to the starting position 
High-To-Low Cable Flys

👉 Low-To-High Cable Flys

If you know how to do high-to-low cable flys, then there is nothing new to learn in doing low-to-high cable flys. 

It’s just like how you did the other one, but in this, you start by keeping the pulley lower. You start from low and then move to high, just opposite to the previous one.

Now we are moving towards the more advanced chest cable workouts. 

👉 Cable Crossover

  • Stand in the middle of the machine that you will be using
  • Hold each handle using each hand
  • Place feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bend slightly forward, only the torso
  • Make sure that the back is straight
  • Bend elbows a little
  • Wrists should be facing toward the floor
  • Pull down both the handles across the body
  • While doing this, squeeze together the pecs, and
  • Keep the core engaged
  • Now open the arms
  • Return the cables back to the starting position

👉 Seated Cable Chest Press

  • Place the bench (for you to sit) in front of the cable pulleys
  • It should be in the center position
  • Sit down on the bench
  • Set the pulleys at hip level
  • Hold each handle in each hand
  • Press the pulleys vertically upwards
  • Hands should be by the chest, the cables near the forearm
  • Fully extend the elbows
  • Return back to the original position

When you do this you can actually feel that your chest, especially your upper chest is working. 

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👉 Standing Cable Chest Press

In the previous one, you were sitting middle on the cables. In this one, you will be standing in the middle of the cables. 

Know that, this is one of the most advanced chest cable workouts as it requires your cire to be strong, stable, and balanced. Otherwise, you will not be able to do this one the right way.  

  • Stand in the center of the cables, not facing the weights 
  • Set the pulleys at chest level
  • Grab each handle with your hand
  • Step slightly forward 
  • This makes weight come off the stack
  • And give tension to the cables
  • Place one leg before the other one (to increase stability)
  • Press the handle and push it out in front of your
  • Straighten your elbows when you do this
  • Now, return the handles to their original position
  • When you do this, do not move the body
Standing Cable Chest Press

Is Cable Chest Workout Effective?

Chest cable workouts are effective when your goal is to build your chest. These muscles specifically focus on the chest muscles and help to refine the shape and the overall structure of the chest. You have to know that to build a chest, the traditional methods of lying on a bench and pressing the barrels are not the only ways anymore. The cable chest workout says hello here, as they can be a key practice in building a chest, without having to undergo rigorous methods or having to do weight lifting.

  • Cable back workouts

Cable back workouts help you to build strength by putting the muscles in constant tension through the movement. The back workouts can help you correct your posture and improve the back strength and it does not need to be high-impact ones. Back strength is vital when you are trying to build your chest. 

  • Inner chest workout

building an inner chest can be a very tricky part. For sure, this exercise has the aesthetic benefit of defining your chest and enhancing your chest muscles. 

You can do the cable flys workouts that we already discussed to build an inner chest. Other than that you can try lateral head triceps exercises. Close grip bench press is one of the lateral tricep head exercises that you can try. 

When you plan to strengthen your chest, you can also focus on other workouts that give strength to your legs such as kroc rows, leg press foot placement, and nordic curls

The Bottom Line

Chest cable workouts are one of the most selected ways to build and enhance your chest. However, you can also focus on other exercises as we discussed just above to improve the strength of the legs, core, and total body. 

When you do these exercises make sure that you are doing it the right way. Otherwise, things might not go as you planned it.


Q. Are cable chest exercises effective?

Cable chest exercises are one of the most common ways to build a chest and it is effective when you are regular with it. 

Q. Which exercise is best for the chest line?

Some of the best exercises for the chest line are hammer squeeze press, barbell bench press, and feet elevated diamond push-up. 

Q. Do chest flys build a big chest?

If you do it the right way then a standing cable machine chest fly can help you to build a big chest. 

Q. Is Cable fly good for the chest?

Cable flyers are one of the most effective when it comes to chest building as they provide greater and constant tension on the muscles. 

Q. Is dumbbell fly good for the chest?

It is good to build chest strength and also shoulder and arm muscles. However, most people say that cable fly is more good for the chest than dumbbell fly. 

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