Why Is Brown Adipose Tissue Better Than White: Let’s Explore In Detail


Often termed or called “brown fat”, Brown Adipose Tissue is considered better than White Adipose Tissue (WAT) by several professionals due to numerous reasons. Brown fats are rich in several properties and come with many benefits. Let us take a look at why brown fat or Brown Adipose tissue is regarded as better than white.

brown Adipose Tissue better than white
  • Calorie Burning

When it comes to burning calories, brown fat is a powerhouse. In a process named thermogenesis, these fats will generate heat by burning calories. This helps our body to stay warm in cooler environments. White fat on the other side stores excess energy leading to weight gain if it is managed improperly. 

  • Boosting the Metabolism

Having more brown fat than white within your body helps you boost metabolism. Active brown fats consume energy which results in helping maintain a healthy body weight. People with higher brown fat in their body usually burn more calories the whole day even when you rest. White fat is not known to contribute to the levels of metabolism by any means as of now.

  • Sensitivity to Insulin

Insulin the hormone that has a crucial role in maintaining blood-sugar levels is recognized by brown fat specifically. The more brown fat present in the body the more prone it is to be sensitive to insulin. This helps in preventing health conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic-related issues.

  • Heart Health

Brown fat is said to be better than white due to it promotes proper heart health. Lowering the amount of bad cholesterol LDL and reducing triglycerides in the process, helps you stay away from facing such heart disease in the long run. 

  • Reduces Inflammation

With Chronic inflammation causing diseases, the presence of brown fat prevents and protects from diseases like cancer, arthritis, and much more. Brown fat reduces the inflammation overall in your body.

  • Helps you in cool weather

Brown Adipose Tissues within the body is a known factor that keeps you warm in cooler weather, seasons, and environments. These fats turn the stored energy into heat to adapt to chilled conditions keeping you warm and cosy.

  • Health benefits

The studies done by experts claim that brown tissues are responsible for several health benefits in the long run. It is suggested to spike up the amount of Brown fats present in the body for weight loss, improve blood sugar levels, and control it, keeping you safe from metabolic level diseases as well as a few lifestyle diseases overall. 

  • Helps in weight loss

Brown fat or Brown Adipose tissues help in weight loss in contrast with white adipose tissue in the body could cause more weight while Brown maintains and keeps you on the right weight,

A few other benefits or points over why Brown Adipose tissue is better are:

Healthy aging by getting rid of age-related issues like metabolic changes, white fats do the exact opposite. Without resisting too much change white fats are less animated while brown fats are active and respond quickly to cold temperatures, regular exercises, and foods which include green tea.  Regardless of their advantages and disadvantages understanding both White and Brown Adipose Tissues within our body have their functions and importance, Despite Brown fats being better doesn’t tell the whole story. The goal is to balance these two within the body.

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Brown fat might be better yet white fat or adipose tissues have their functions and benefits. The key is to promote the amount of Brown fats and to balance it with white to stay healthy and active throughout your life.

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