10 Crystals For Weight Loss: How To Use Them

Written by Danielle Foster

Crystals are used and carried by lots of people for their physical and mental well-being. Some people are interested in wearing them as jewelry or placing them in their environment. But have you ever noticed that Crystal aims at weight loss? If not, then you will be surprised to know that Crystals can be an effective choice for those who are planning to support their weight loss journey.

Though there are no proven words to say that Crystals help in weight loss, they have many healing properties that might help in burning calories from the body.

Besides, there are many Crystals that can provide healing energies and vibrations and further guide you, encourage you, boost your performance, and help you reach your goals when trying to lose weight. Also, if you want more information about different types of Crystals that help in achieving goals and how they help, then let’s explore through this article.

Do Crystals Help In Losing Weight? 10 Crystals That Work For Weight Loss

Crystals are useful substances that promote and encourage mental well-being. Also, despite the lack of scientific proof, many people believe that it helps in weight loss.

Crystals Help In Losing Weight

Besides, it is used by people in treating other health issues like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and other physical ailments. Also, according to the statements of experts, some think and have experienced that wearing Crystals or carrying them can give positive results as expected. 

Moreover, if you want an effective result for weight loss, it is necessary to clean the Crystals often to wipe out all negative energy that it absorbs. It can be done by sage, incense, charging them in moonlight, burying them in the earth, or cleaning them with clean water.

Now, let’s see what top Crystals are that can help in weight management and leave you healthier, happier, and a better person in life.

Top 10 Crystals That Can Be Effective Choice For Losing Weight

Many Crystals are available that help emit high vibrational activities and further help uplift, motivate, and spread positive vibes. The list of top 10 Crystals is given along with their importance:

1] Sodalite

Sodalite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that helps in enhancing the metabolism rate. Also, it helps make you better in terms of food choices and avoiding the willingness to eat fast or processed foods. Besides, you can easily strive off cravings and give various health benefits like removing stress or emotional distress.

2] White Quartz

The clear White Quartz is another useful crystal that supports weight loss. Also, it attracts negative energy and leaves you with positive vibes. It helps in giving you motivation to eat healthy foods and exercise. Besides, you can keep it in pockets, under a pillow, or wear a ring and effectively lose weight

3] Lolite

Iolite is another useful crystal that does not promote weight loss but gives many health benefits. It gives you energy and increases vitality levels. Besides, it helps to remove accumulated fatty substances from the body and is considered a popular medication companion. You can eventually lose weight if you regularly wear or keep with you always.

4] Diaspore

Want to get calm energy and lose weight instantly? If so, you may prefer taking Diaspore, which is great for everyday use. It helps you protect from water retention and assists in weight loss. Also, many experts say that it helps reduce age-related memory loss and promotes unusual nightmares or dreams. 

5] Picasso Marble

Picasso marble is another delightful crystal that helps in reducing cholesterol levels by avoiding the willingness to take more food. It helps to give strength and is believed to increase self-control and further help achieve goals. Besides, it helps in regulating metabolism and keeps you calm and active throughout the day. 

6] Sunstone And Goldstone

Sunstone and goldstone are other precious stones that help boost metabolism and heal many mental distress. Also, increases willpower and positive thinking along with desire and confidence. Besides, it helps in reducing cravings and hunger. So, keeping them in your pocket, wearing them as jewelry, or even doing meditation can naturally heal your willpower and help you with motivation and resilience. 

7] Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye might sound funny, but it has great Crystals that can help you lose weight. It is available in different kinds like yellow or red that aid in boosting metabolism rate. Besides, wearing or keeping with you helps you to be motivated with your weight loss journey and further leads to better energy flow through the body. 

8] Augelite

Augelite is another popular crystal that helps reduce weight and recover from many digestive problems. It helps the body and the mind to get strength and clears blockages by opening the heart chakra. Besides, you can heal the lower body by taking these Crystals infused for weight loss. 

9] Rainforest Jasper

There are many reasons for weight gain apart from overeating or not doing any exercises. So, to reduce the situation, you can use rainforest jasper Crystals when you are planning to lose weight. It works by clearing blockage in the lower chakras and reduces the feeling of eating more. Besides, it helps to detoxify and unblock the root and heart chakras. Also, it is most useful when going through different physical discomforts like dizziness, fatigue, or other carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms.

10] Epidote

Epidote is another delightful crystal that not only helps in weight management but also helps in releasing pain or discomfort. Also, it helps in dealing with emotional baggage and uprooting the causes of obesity. Besides, it helps in reducing depression, sadness, boredom, loneliness, and others. Further, it is believed that by finding this crystal over the food that you are taking for weight loss.

Bottom Line

Weight loss can be effectively done by following different methods and needs a strong mind and emotions. Also, the above 10 Crystals are best for constantly reducing weight and achieving our goals. Besides including these Crystals, you should include regular exercises, drinking plenty of water, or a nutritional diet that can boost your overall health. 

Further, if you are using these Crystals, it is necessary to remember that they must be cleaned with many techniques and charged duly to give positive effects. Also, include some yoga, meditation, and/or other mindful activities that can make your mind and body active and functioning with energy. 


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