How Do I Stop My Hair From Frizzing? Tips And Tricks To Prevent


Frizz can be defined as the condition where a group of strands or individual strands of hair stand out from the rest of the bunch. It often ends up creating a rough, textured, and unruly appearance which is unpleasant to carry.  Although it is primarily associated with dry or damaged hair many factors can contribute to this phenomenon.

What are the causes of hair frizzing?

 Mostly, frizzing occurs due to environmental factors and can be influenced by –

🔸 Lack of moisture– When the hair lacks moisture, it often gets isolated and gives the appearance of being unkempt.

🔸 Humidity– Humid conditions trigger the hair follicles to absorb more moisture than necessary. This could lead to the expansion of hair cuticles, ultimately leading to frizz.

🔸 Damage to the cuticle– Chemical treatments and hair styling tools that emit a lot of heat can affect the cuticle which can cause it to stand out.

🔸 Genetics– The quality, color, and type of our hair is determined by genetics. It is often seen that some people are genetically endowed with silky hair whereas others have frizzy tresses.

🔸 Lack of hair care– When you fail to take care of your hair, it is not uncommon for a few strands to stand out and behave frizzy.

stop my hair from frizzing

How do I stop my hair from frizzing?

 Hair frizzing can be stopped by following the steps-

Shampoos are often composed of natural and chemical substances. However, some shampoos contain oodles of sulfate which could change the moisture contained in the hair.  This can cause frizz in the hair making it difficult to manage.

People often fail to acknowledge how important conditioning is. Choosing the right conditioner for your hair type is crucial to your hair care regimen. After using a shampoo one must condition their hair to retain the natural oils in the follicles. Consider deep conditioning your hair at least once a week to help it recover from the pollution it is often exposed to.

Hot water can burn down the hair follicles that grow from the roots. Wash your hair with lukewarm water to keep the quality of your hair from going into cahoots.

You shouldn’t take drying your hair lightly. Always consider using a microfiber towel or a soft tissue to minimize the frizz produced by the hair due to the use of a shampoo especially after bathing.

Times have changed according to our necessities.  Hair often exposes itself to pollutants in the environment. Therefore, you should consider investing in a leave-in conditioner that can manage the ongoing hydration and frizz as soon as it strikes the hair.

Using a narrow-tooth comb can create a lot of friction as the hair strands struggle to free themselves. However, using a wide-tooth comb can put the problem to rest by giving the hair strands enough wiggle space.

Sleep on silk or satin pillows to avoid fruition of the hair during sleep. Usually, when we sleep there is a greater chance that the hair could indulge in a game of tug and war which is not very safe for the follicles or hair.

Heat could damage your hair more than you could imagine. However, styling your hair is a major part of your look, and heat tools like straighteners and blow driers are a necessity.  Using styling tools with heat protectants could be a fine way to reduce their adverse impact on hair follicles.

Choosing the hair products according to the type of hair you sport is not an easy task but should be considered if saving hair strands is your ultimate goal.

Eating can also determine the kind of hair you might grow and scientists believe that could even change its texture in a positive way.

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Though it might take some time to find the right combination of hair products, you should invest proper time to make the choice. In case, you find it difficult you can always consult a dermatologist who can help you with the texture of your hair and its misgivings.

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