How Does Fat Leave Your Body? The Science Behind Fat Loss


When it comes to health concerns, obesity tops the list. No matter their age, everyone wants to lose weight. This is one of the main reasons several forms of diet have come into existence today. You can easily lose weight once you understand the dynamics of how fat is stored in your body and how it gets released from your body.

Although weight loss has been a predominantly discussed topic, have you ever wondered how fat leaves your body? Today, many people are looking to lose weight, but where does this fat go?

Understanding The Fat In Your Body

People are trying to lose weight every day through diet, exercise, and fasting. When the stored fat in your body starts releasing, you will lose weight. The carbs you consume normally get turned into fat. These are referred to as triglyceride molecules.

Understanding The Way Fat Leave Your Body

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These molecules are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When you try to lose weight, the fat cells composed of the triglyceride molecules break down, and you lose weight through oxidation. The triglycerides are a type of fat in your blood, and in order to lose weight, you need to break down these molecules.

When these molecules break down, they release fat as carbon dioxide and water atoms during the oxidation process or fat metabolism.

How Does Fat Leave Your Body?

When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink, and you will start to breathe out the fat. Your lungs have the potential to expel more than 84% of the fat as carbon dioxide, and you can easily lose weight by breathing away those extra pounds.

Your lungs are the primary organs that assist you in releasing fat from your body. Whenever you exhale, fat leaves your body in the form of carbon dioxide. However, it is important to understand that the fat metabolic process requires surplus oxygen.

To exhale fat as carbon dioxide, your body needs three times as much oxygen as the fat you lose. This is one of the main reasons you lose weight when you run or jog. As compared to other exercises, when you run or jog, you are able to breathe more and inhale more oxygen, which helps your body oxidize the excess fat.

The remaining 16% of fat, which becomes water atoms, gets released from your body in the form of sweat, tears, and urine.

Connection Between Calories And Fat

Fat is the excess calories you consume. The calories you consume on a daily basis provide energy for your body, and to lose weight and burn excess fat, your body needs this energy. Fat is burned either through a diet where you create a calorie deficit or through exercise, where your body utilizes more energy from the calories you have already consumed.

Whenever you try to lose weight, your body automatically goes through a series of metabolic processes. Whenever your body breaks down fat for energy, there are only two byproducts: carbon dioxide and water.

Apart from these by-products, the remaining energizing molecules from your fat are fully utilized by your body. While carbon dioxide is breathed out of your lungs,  water comes out in the form of sweat and urine.

Types Of Fats

The human body is a fat-burning machine, and by consuming a low-calorie diet and exercising regularly, you can easily lose fat. Your body fat can be classified into two categories: visceral fat and brown adipose tissue. Visceral fat is referred to as white adipose tissue, and it predominantly accumulates around your organs.

This is the major cause of fatty liver disease. You can get rid of this fat by eating clean and through exercise. The next type of fat is brown adipose tissue, which is an essential and good fat for your body.

This brown adipose tissue helps regulate the temperature of your body by burning calories. Your cat cells start shrinking when you lose weight, and your body starts sweating more when you exercise, which makes exercise an important part of your weight loss regimen.

When fat leaves your body through urine, it will create a milky white appearance in your urine, and this is a sign that fat is getting released from your body. Once you start understanding the mechanism through which fat is stored in your body and how fat gets released from your fat cells, you will be able to lose weight easily.

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