7 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat Quickly

Written by Danielle Foster

Dealing with excess fat under the chin and along the neck – commonly called a double chin – is a common concern for many people. Luckily, there are various proven and effective ways on how to lose neck fat. While spot reduction of fat isn’t possible, losing weight through healthy lifestyle changes, targeted exercises, and advanced cosmetic procedures can all contribute to a more defined jawline and enhanced profile.

What Causes Neck Fat?

Neck fat occurs due to the accumulation of excess fat cells under the chin and sides of the neck. It can make the face appear out of proportion and contribute to a fuller, less defined look. Several interrelated factors lead to neck fat buildup:

  • Genetics – Some individuals are predisposed to store fat in this area, especially those with a family history of neck and chin fullness.
  • Weight Gain – Overall increase in body fat, especially in those who are overweight or obese, heightens the likelihood of neck fat.
  • Aging – As skin produces less collagen and elastin over time, it loses elasticity. This can cause it to sag, leading to excess skin around a fuller-looking neck.
  • Posture Issues – Poor head and neck posture exacerbates the appearance of neck fat. Maintaining proper alignment may help.
  • Loss of Muscle Tone – Weakened neck muscles as a result of injury, inactivity, or aging also allows neck fat to become more pronounced.
  • Underlying Conditions – In some cases, health conditions like hormonal disorders can cause abnormal fat distribution around the neck. Consulting a doctor helps determine if an underlying issue is to blame.

Is Neck Fat Bad for Health?

7 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat Quickly

Excess fat anywhere in the body can contribute to problems like heart disease and diabetes. However, unlike dangerous visceral fat around vital organs, neck fat itself does not directly heighten these risks. Still, taking steps to eliminate neck fat through weight loss promotes overall health. A balanced lifestyle helps manage healthy body composition and weight distribution for wellbeing.

How To Lose Neck Fat Naturally

When wondering how to get rid of neck fat, it’s crucial to remember you cannot spot reduce fat from any particular area. However, losing weight overall alongside targeted exercise for the neck muscles can make a difference. Here are 7 reputable tips:

👉Follow A Balanced Diet

Monitoring calorie intake and eating nutrient-dense whole foods is key for sustainable weight loss. Swap processed snacks with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. Moderating portions is also essential to maintain a calorie deficit for shedding pounds.

👉Engage In Cardiovascular Exercise

Getting in at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio per week can effectively boost calorie burn for weight loss. Start gradually if you are new to exercising. Low-impact activities like walking provide similar fat burning benefits as higher intensity workouts.

👉Do Neck Exercises

While direct spot reduction of neck fat isn’t possible through targeted exercises, strengthening neck muscles creates definition for a slimming effect. Squeezes, stretches, and tilts performed a few times a week help.

👉Include Resistance Training

Lifting weights 2-3 times a week contributes to fat burning while building muscle mass for body toning. This can minimize loose neck skin from weight loss. Focusing on major muscle groups promotes overall fitness.

👉Reduce Calorie Intake

Creating a modest daily calorie deficit speeds safe weight loss. Decreasing intake by 500 calories daily yields a loss of about 1 pound per week. Avoid extreme low calorie diets which can cause rebound weight gain later on.

👉Explore Mesotherapy

This minimally invasive technique involves injecting a fat dissolving solution into localized areas like the neck. It shows significant promise for reducing small fatty deposits. Multiple treatments may be necessary.

👉Try Laser Lipolysis

Also called laser lipo, this advanced approach utilizes laser energy to break down fat cells and tighten skin. It directly targets small areas of fat without surgery, though several sessions are usually required.

Top Exercises To Lose Neck Fat Fast

Wondering how to get rid of neck fat through exercise? Alongside full body workouts, incorporating moves that engage neck muscles can create subtle toning effects. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying new exercises, especially if you have injuries. Here are 5 worthwhile techniques:

1.Neck Rotations

Exercises To Lose Neck Fat Fast
  • Sit or stand straight with shoulders relaxed
  • Slowly rotate head toward right shoulder, feeling stretch
  • Hold for 5 seconds, return to center
  • Repeat on left side, completing 10 reps per side

2.Neck Stretches

How To Lose Neck Fat Naturally
  • Gently tilt head sideways toward right shoulder
  • Place right hand on head to deepen stretch slightly
  • Hold 5 seconds, slowly lift head back to center
  • Repeat on left side for 10 repetitions

3.Jaw Releases

How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat
  • Allow jaw to hang open loosely without straining
  • Place fingers lightly on chin
  • Gently pull chin down, feeling stretch
  • Hold 5 seconds, relax jaw and repeat 5 times

4.Tongue Stretches

How To Lose Neck Fat Naturally
  • Open mouth and stick tongue out as far as comfortable
  • Attempt to touch tip of nose with tongue by lifting up
  • Hold stretch for 5-10 seconds, repeat 10 times

5.Chin Tucks

How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat
  • Sit or stand upright with back straight
  • Pull chin straight back, without tilting up/down
  • Draw chin in as far as possible, feeling contraction
  • Hold 5 seconds and release, perform 10 reps

Be sure to relax muscles between sets and breathe normally throughout movements without holding breath. Complete exercises a few times a week along with neck massage or foam rolling to stimulate circulation.

Other Solutions For Getting Rid Of Neck Fat

Sometimes diet and exercise alone do not fully resolve neck fat to an individual’s satisfaction. In these cases, the following advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments can successfully eliminate small fat pockets along the chin and neckline:

📌CoolSculpting – This non-surgical fat freezing procedure uses controlled cooling to crystallize fat cells which are flushed from the body over several months. Multiple sessions may be needed.

📌Ultherapy – Also called ultrasound therapy, this technique applies focused ultrasound waves deep under the skin to stimulate collagen for tightening and lifting effects. It can be used on the chin and neck.

📌Kybella Injections – These FDA approved deoxycholic acid injections permanently destroy fat cells when injected into the neck. Multiple treatments are typically required a few weeks apart for optimal neck contouring.

📌Laser Liposuction – Using laser energy, this targeted form of lipo precisely liquefies and removes fat while stimulating skin for tightening. It is less invasive than traditional liposuction with minimal downtime.

Each approach has pros and cons regarding cost, number of sessions required, and recovery time. An experienced cosmetic provider can help determine which option may be most suitable.

Preventing And Maintaining A Slim Neck

While eliminating existing neck fat often requires advanced solutions, there are straightforward preventative steps individuals can take to stop this stubborn area from developing in the first place:

  • Maintain healthy body composition through nutrition and regular workout regimen
  • Include neck stretches and exercises 2-3 times per week
  • Improve posture alignment and avoid hunching shoulders or straining neck
  • Manage stress levels through sufficient sleep, relaxation practices
  • Stay hydrated and minimize alcohol intake which can cause bloating

Even once achieving a slim, well defined neck and jawline, consistency is vital when wondering how to get rid of neck fat long-term. Sticking to healthy lifestyle habits prevents recurrence of weight gain and fat accumulating in undesired areas.

Final Verdict

Dealing with submental fullness around the chin and neck is frustrating yet common. The encouraging news is that with determination and the right combination of evidence-backed strategies, slimming this notoriously stubborn zone is absolutely possible.

Making dietary changes to spur overall weight loss while working to improve neck muscle tone together make a real difference. Non-invasive body contouring injections or fat reduction technology can also effectively treat small pockets of resistant fat.

As with any skincare or weight concern, having realistic expectations is key. It may take several months of dedication to start seeing noticeable improvements in neck profile. But restoring a sculpted, well-proportioned jaw and chin area boosts confidence and self-image for those bothered by neck fullness.


How Long Does It Take To Lose Neck Fat?

Most individuals start noticing some subtle improvements in neck profile within 4-6 weeks of consistently following a weight loss regimen combined with targeted neck exercises. However, significant slimming of a double chin and achieving optimal definition along the jawline can take several months for full results. Have realistic expectations when wondering how to get rid of neck fat for good.

What Causes Excess Skin Under The Neck?

As we age, diminished collagen and elastin protein production contributes to loose, sagging skin. Weight fluctuations can also overstretch the skin, impacting elasticity. These factors cause the loose dangly appearance of excess skin beneath the chin, commonly called “turkey neck.” Non-invasive skin tightening treatments can effectively address this.

Can You Lose Fat In Just One Area Of The Body?

Unfortunately, spot reducing fat in just one part of the body through targeted exercise or strange “magical” creams is physiologically impossible. Companies that claim their product singularly eliminates chin or neck fat are misleading consumers. Losing overall body fat alongside building neck muscle tone is the most reputable approach.

At What Age Does The Neck Start Sagging?

For most individuals, the first subtle signs of skin laxity along the neck and jawline begin in our 30s as collagen production starts slowing. However, neck sagging due to gravitational changes and lost elasticity becomes much more pronounced for women and men in their 50s and beyond. Addressing it earlier helps slow progression.

Why Do I Have Neck Fat When I’m Skinny?

Genetics play a major role in where our bodies store fat. Even individuals well within a healthy weight range who have little body fat elsewhere can struggle with excess chin fullness or prominent jowls thanks to these predetermined tendencies. In such cases, nonsurgical fat and skin treatments provide effective solutions.

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