How To Increase Your Appetite? Tips & Tricks To Improve Appetite


Loss of appetite can be a serious problem in the long run especially if you are looking forward to gaining weight or muscle mass. A lack of desire to consume food is termed a poor appetite. There can be a lot of reasons for this condition, and this can be both physical and mental. However, it is important to address and treat this issue seriously if it lasts for more than 2-3 days. It is always better to have an expert consultation regarding this issue meanwhile making some easy healthstyle changes in your lifestyle.

Effective Tips To Improve Your Appetite

Some easy and effective treatments have been mentioned below. 

1. Eat More Frequent Meals In Smaller Portions 

Typically most of us consume three full meals per day. However, those who have a poor appetite may not be able to consume larger portions at a time. To fix this issue, you may divide your regular three meals into 5-6 portions.

Gradually you may see a significant difference levels in your appetite levels. At this time, you can consider adding more calories to your meals. While adding calories, make sure you add more nutritious elements such as veggies, fruits, and protein-rich foods into it. 

Eat More Frequent Meals In Smaller Portions

2. Follow A Nutrition-Rich Diet 

People who have a poor diet also tend to have cravings for processed food items, sweets, and junk. Many of us also assume that these food items can increase the weight of the individual and increase their appetite since they are high in calories.

But the fact is, these processed food items would have the least nutritious value, and the body may lack adequate nutrition for basic physiological functions, resulting in fatigue and exhaustion. This can further reduce the appetite and also deteriorate the health condition of the individual. Such cravings can be easily avoided by having Greek yogurt with sweet berries and adding extra veggies to a pizza if you feel like having one. 

3. Make Your Meal Calorie-Dense 

If you have a poor appetite, the best thing to do is to consume more calories without making your food heavier. For this, you may easily butter, peanut butter, oil, and whole milk to your meals. These additions would help you add 100-200 calories with just a single teaspoon measurement.

Consuming more liquid calories may also help in consuming more without pushing your appetite limits. Have research of your own and find out more such additions suitable for your taste, so that you may easily add that particular ingredient every time to your meals. 

4. Make Your Dining A Social Experience 

Dining alone would bring your full concentration to food, and you may easily feel done with the same. Instead, you may try inviting your close friends and family to eat with. This may increase the joy of dining and you would be able to eat more. If this is not possible, try multitasking while having food.

You may watch TV or read your favorite book while having food. This would help in purposefully creating a distraction and you may end up eating more than you expected. Cooking the food along with your friends and family can also help. You can also go creative while cooking and plating the food you prepare to slowly develop a love and interest in food. 

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5. Allot Strict Time Slots For Meals 

This is again a play with your brain to induce more appetite. For this, you need to schedule your meal times and stick to them without fail. Make sure you are eating food during every slot. When you do this regularly, you will get that brain signal to head to the kitchen, grab your food, and cutlery, and eat, even if you are not feeling very hungry then.

You would also be able to easily ditch the habit of skipping meals by following a routine for your dining. Make sure you are putting reminders on your phone if you feel that remembering this might become a difficult task during your hectic schedule. Keeping track of your food consumption may also motivate you to have more food next time. 

Wrap Up

So, these are some of the basic tips and tricks you may follow to increase your appetite. You would also be able to have more and enough even if you are struggling with a poor appetite. 

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