How To Overcome Blood Pressure Phobia? Causes Of White Coat Syndrome


People usually get nervous when they visit to the doctor. In some cases, this condition can become chronic and cause hypertension and anxiety. Such type of situation can cause blood pressure phobia, where an individual may have a sudden rise in blood pressure.

Blood pressure phobia is also termed “White coat syndrome” or “White Coat Hypertension.” This name is given after the doctor and medical staff who wear white coats in a professional setting. The blood pressure phobia only occurs when the person visits the hospital or doctor’s room, and the rest of the time, the BP remains normal.

This type of hypertension can cause various health issues like strokes, heart failure, and other cardiovascular conditions. All these situations make it a serious health issue, and in this regard, we have provided some practices to overcome white coat hypertension.

Causes Of White Coat Syndrome Or Hypertension

Before understanding how to overcome this hypertension, it is crucial to know what it can cause to an individual’s health. Well, the person facing White Coat Syndrome can experience a temporary increase in blood pressure when they visit the doctor. This happens occasionally but can cause some serious health risks and even death if not diagnosed on time.

White coat syndrome is usually observed in people who have anxiety problems, which is enough to raise blood pressure. This kind of syndrome also elevates other kinds of phobia while visiting the doctor’s office and results in abnormal blood pressure. As soon as they leave the hospital or office, their BP becomes normal.

Though it occasionally happens on a temporary basis, it can affect cardiovascular health, like strokes, heart attacks, and even death in a very short period of time. Therefore, it is crucial to get diagnosed with the relevant treatment to avoid this health risk. You can even overcome blood pressure phobia by following some steps when planning to visit a doctor.

Ways To Overcome White Coat Syndrome

Visiting the hospital or doctor’s office is crucial to getting treated for various diseases or other health issues. But knowing that your blood pressure might climb higher is itself the biggest problem that needs to be treated. It is enough to boost your anxiety and make you feel sick, and here are some of the ways you can practice to control your WCS.

Ways To Overcome White Coat Syndrome
  • Take time to relax and drink plenty of water when you visit a doctor’s office or hospital.
  • Divert your mind by thinking about something good, take someone with you, or talk with others.
  • Stay out of the crowd and ask your healthcare professional to test your blood pressure in an isolated place.
  • Use 4-7-8 breathing techniques to stay out of stress, which may cause anxiety and raise blood pressure.
  • Take a brisk walk of 15-20 minutes in a specific interval, which can reduce the cortisol level and avoid stress.
  • Prefer to check your blood pressure level at home on a regular basis.
  • Check your blood pressure at the same time per day as the doctor recommended.
  • If you are experiencing irregular heartbeat, blurry vision, or facing breathing problems, consult the doctor.

Practicing these techniques can help you to overcome your white coat hypertension and even reduce its symptoms. So, include this tactic in your daily routine and get rid of the fear that comes when visiting the doctor.

How White Coat Syndrome Is Different From Regular Hypertension?

White Coat Hypertension usually occurs at a doctor’s office or hospital. In comparison, regular hypertension can happen in various scenarios, including the medical one.

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If a person experiences the WCS, it doesn’t mean he/she has more general hypertension. In the same way, a person with regular hypertension can have a normal blood pressure reading in the doctor’s office. All these symptoms show that WCS is a completely different condition as compared to regular hypertension.

Bottom Line

Visiting a doctor can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure because people have a fear of having some serious health issues. However, experiencing a sudden rise in blood pressure or irregular heartbeat in the doctor’s room can be a symptom of blood pressure phobia or white coat syndrome. So, it is better to practice relaxation techniques, take a heavy breath, and take a brisk walk to avoid stress.

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