How To Stretch Achilles Tendon While Sitting? Stretches and Strength Exercises


The Achilles tendon is one of the strongest tendons in the human body around the heel; it is a thick band of tissue connecting the calf muscle with the heel bone. This helps humans to lift heal and helps in performing many functions like walking, running, exercising, etc. 

Achilles tendon can manage about 3-4 times a person’s weight. Still, when people overuse them, are forced to work or do not warm up before starting tough exercise, they can suffer from many types of Achilles tendon-related issues like tendinosis, tendon rapture tendinitis, etc. 

Stretching Regimes For A Better Achilles Tendon : Strength Exercises

Damage to the Achilles tendon is tough and very painful; it can make it difficult to do your daily activities, and sometimes the situation can worsen. But the best thing is doing regular and proper stretch-ups, which can help in fast recovery and healing of the Achilles tendon damage; here are some of the sitting stretches that you can do to make fast healing. Here are some of the most effective stretching regimes to strengthen your tendon. Have a look:

Stretching Regimes For A Better Achilles Tendon

1. Try Calf-stretches

Calf- stretch is one of the most effective activities that make your Achilles tendon more flexible and strong. According to research and studies, broken Achilles’ heel cases in normal people are far less common than in athletes.

The reason behind that is athletes put a lot of stress on their feet, which can lead to damaged tendons. Anyways, try doing calf stretches, even if you are a normal person, to prevent damage to your Achilles tendon.

2. Toe Raises For Strength

Toe raises are also very beneficial for the frontal muscles and tendons of your feet. To do this exercise, you have to sit on a normal simple chair and keep your foot on the floor at the perfect right angle.

Now, pull your toe towards the upper direction, keeping the heel in the flood itself, and hold this position for a couple of minutes. Follow this routine at least three times a day.

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3. Heel Lifts For Balance

Heel lifts are mainly for strengthening your calves, but they also make your Achilles tendons strong. To do heel lifts, try pulling your heel towards the upper direction, keeping the toe on the floor only, and holding this position for as long as possible.

Do this stretching at least twice a day for better results, as improving your balance if you have weaker tendons will work in your favour as well. 

4. Chair Foam Rolling

When you have a daily job and feel the need to work on your physical health, you can try the chair foam rolling exercise. This exercise mainly targets your Achilles tendons and stretches them for better strength and stability.

Put a foam roller between your calves and the floor, and start rolling the foam roller. You can put a little pressure as well to intensify the stretch. There are other sitting stretches that you can do, but remember to do these stretches with the correct form. 

Activities That Can Worsen A Damaged Achilles Tendon

If you are suffering from Achilles tendon damage, then you must avoid some of the exercise. Some exercises or activities can put a lot of stress and pressure on already damaged tendons and can worsen your condition. Here are some exercises to avoid to reduce the risk of more damage:

Achilles Tendon Damage
  • Intense Running calf muscles help us to walk on any type of surface, and when you put excessive pressure on your heels and calves, it can damage your Achilles tendons more. 
  • Excessive Training – Excessive running or any type of training can increase the damage a lot more. 
  • Aggressive Sports – You must stop any type of aggressive sport for a few weeks, whether you are an athlete or not; this will worsen your situation. 


Achilles tendon damage is a common yet painful thing; many types of treatment options, like soft tissue massage, dry needling, and joint mobilisation, are available, but regular and correct forms of stretching can help you to heal faster. If you are suffering from Achilles tendon damage, then you must consult a doctor before starting to do any stretch; they will suggest the perfect treatment options.

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