IBS Gas Relief – How To Relieve From Bloating?


After having your meals, do you often suffer from gas and bloating? Are you in search of ways to get relief from it? If yes, then hold on to this post because it takes you through simple and easy tips that can effectively help to reduce bloating and get relief. Apart from this, this article focuses on IBS gas and the reasons it causes bloating and discomfort in our stomach.

What Is IBS Gas?

IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This disorder mainly affects our stomach, intestine, and abdomen. IBS has many symptoms, such as cramps, diarrhea,  and abdominal pain. However, the most common symptom from which people suffer is gas and bloating; this causes burping, farting, and discomfort in your stomach.

Top 9 Ways To Get Relief From IBS And Bloating

1. Be Conscious About Your Food Habits

The most common reason for gas and bloating can be your unhealthy and improper diet. To get relief from bloating, always try to have rice, cucumbers, peppermint, ginger, and banana in your food habit. Moreover, the time when you eat is also important, so make sure to set a fixed routine for having your three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

2. Always Take Time To Chew Meals Properly

The process of digestion starts in our mouth. Thus, it is crucial to eat your food slowly and chew properly. This will make sure that the food is properly mixed with the saliva and broken down, making it easy for the further process of digestion. 

3. Control Portions And Take Light Meals

Eating slowly can help you, but bloating and gas are also dependent on the quantity of food. Try having small and light meals. Make sure to avoid spicy and heavy foods that take time to digest in your stomach. Controlling the portions of your meals can effectively help you reduce gas and bloating. 

4. Say No To Carbonated Beverages

Choosing non-carbonated drinks is another way you can prevent bloating and gas. Make sure to say no to drinks that contain carbonated gas, such as soda, sparkling water, and other beverages with it. This is because these drinks can create gas in your stomach and intestine, which results in bloating.

5. Get IBS Medicines From A Doctor

If the bloating and IBS gas are too severe and often for you, then it is better to get prescribed medicines from your doctor. Medicines can help you digest foods and boost your digestion system. Medicines can help you get instant relief from the IBS gas and bloating, but make sure that you don’t fully get dependent on medications.

6. Trying Natural Herbs And Supplements

Apart from doctor-prescribed medicines, you can also try naturally made supplements with herbs for boosting your digestion and relieving bloating. These natural herbs and supplements come in various forms, such as powders, capsules, drinks, and much more. You can find these in your local chemist and medical shops.

7. Carbohydrates Can Be A Reason

Sometimes, our digestion system takes more time to digest carbohydrates than other nutrients. Thus, you can cut down or reduce carbs, such as bread, lentils, and potatoes, in your meals as they can cause gas.

8. Quit Or Reduce Smoking

Quilting or reducing smoking can also help get rid of IBS gas. It is because the smoke not only affects the lungs but also reaches the stomach and intestine. Later, this smoke can turn into gas and cause you to bloat. Therefore, it’s better to quit or lower your smoking habit.

9. Regular Exercise Or Practicing Yoga

Practicing yoga and regular exercise can improve your digestion and help you to reduce bloating and gas. There are postures in yoga that are specifically made for gas and bloating relief; some of them are apanasana, ananda balasna, and ardha apansana. Moreover, to prevent bloating at night, try walking for a few minutes after your dinner.

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Say Goodbye To Bloating And Gas

IBS gas and bloating can affect not only your health but your daily routine, as well, including the discomfort in the stomach and abdomen. Changing your food habits, having your meals at the proper time, chewing them properly, and other ways listed above can help you relieve bloating and gas. So, try implementing them in your lifestyle and get rid of gas and bloating.

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