Retinol Before And After Wrinkles: Transformative Effects On Skin


Nobody likes wrinkles on their face. It is one of the obvious symptoms of aging and who would like to age? As young as we want to be, it is unfortunately not possible but recently advancements in science have made at least a bit of it possible. What we are trying to say is the abundance of products that can reduce the effects of fine lines on your face and skin as a whole. One of them is retinol and our article will be discussing about the wonder drug extensively. Keep on reading to know more about retinol and its benefits.

What is Retinol and how is it obtained?

Retinol, as we all know, is a compound of Vitamin A. It has been hailed as the wonder product that could create magic when it comes to disappearing wrinkles. It does this by hydrating and moisturizing which is often dry making it ironed straight. A staple in every skin care product, it is obtained in various ways including-

Retinol Before And After

  1. Animal sources– This includes extracting from the liver of cattle, poultry, or similar animals which is usually a retinol galore. Additionally, fish livers are also used to help make oil supplements that are rich in retinol. Moreover, whole milk, butter, and cheese are all rich sources of retinol.
  2. Plant-based sources– Retinol is also derived from greens with beta carotene in abundance. Fruits and vegetables including spinach and kale also make it to the superfood list for their presence of retinol. Mango, the king of fruit can also be regarded to be a prominent source of Vitamin A. 

With all these ways one can get retinol enough for their bodies. But how do we solve the problem of wrinkled skin? How should it be used? When should it be used? Read on to find out the answers.

Retinol before and after wrinkles

The effects of using retinol both before and after the wrinkles could vary but all positive as per the dermatologists. Before we look into it, we shall go for its general advantages which are-

  1. Excellent skin health– Using retinol on your skin can help keep it moisturized as well as free from scratches due to dryness. One can also see a difference in the natural oil production of the epidermis as well.
  2. Elasticity– Not only does it give enough hydration to the skin but also triggers the production of collagen, a naturally forming compound that helps the skin keep its vitality and aura.
  3. No marks or pimples– By strengthening the upper layer of the skin, retinol can also prevent dirt or microbes from entering the body and thus prevent acne or pimples.
  4. UV rays– The sun’s rays are often unforgiving and could burn even the core of your skin. In such cases using retinol-based creams is highly advantageous.

use of retinol before wrinkles

  1. Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles– The obvious result would be the prevention of the problem at hand. As applying retinol helps secrete collagen in required quantities, chances are the wrinkles might not even get a chance to appear and the skin looks as young as ever.
  2. Improved skin elasticity– As stated above in its benefits, retinol can help collagen production which means the skin can return to its original position after we use it. This is why fine lines don’t appear with the daily application of retinol.
  3. Even skin tone– As wrinkles or fine lines don’t appear our skin tone also remains even in all areas. Usually, it does see a change in areas that are affected by pimples, acne, or in some cases wrinkles.
  4. Reduction of pore size– Our skin is full of pores through which substances and nutrients reach our skin. But as we age, they start to become obvious which could present difficulty and that is when we need retinol.

For it to be effective, you should use retinol-based products daily at least two times. The times could be reduced but a coin amount should always be the size.

use of retinol before wrinkles

If you didn’t know about retinol apply it after wrinkles show up. You can apply it now and see the following changes-

  • Reduction in the lines– If your face was full of it, within weeks or months of use, retinol could restore your skin to its old vitality. Not only does it flush your skin with collagen but also increases the growth of cells that can help get back your moisture.
  • Increased skin firmness– If before applying retinol your skin seemed to be too loose and saggy which made it lose the facial shape, retinol usage can bring it out and even make you look to bring out your facial features.
  • Improved skin texture– Users who don’t use retinol often have rough skin texture which makes it susceptible to various skin problems. However, with the use of retinol, healthy cells start showing up which restores the pinkness of the skin.
  • Enhanced skin radiance–  All the above factors affect the skin’s radiance and make it look brighter and better and who wouldn’t want that?


Retinol or Vitamin A can affect our skin in multiple positive ways. This could also be the reason why it is being used in almost all skin products. However, too much off retinol isn’t good either. Doctors warn that its overuse can lead to skin sensitivity. There have been complaints related to the appearance of redness and sensation of itching on the skin. Its application should therefore be in lower quantities and can be increased after you see how the skin would react around its presence. Moreover, it is also possible for you to increase your Vitamin A intake via a balanced diet instead of using retinol only.


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