Viva Slim Reviews: (2024 Update) Does It Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level?


Carrying extra weight can be exhausting. Despite diet and exercise, the scale won’t budge. Thankfully, Viva Slim offers an all-natural solution for shedding stubborn pounds. This Viva Slim review provides the details you need.

Viva Slim is a nutritional supplement containing potent herbal extracts that have been used medicinally for centuries. Unlike risky weight loss pills, Viva Slim aims to promote weight management using natural ingredients like resveratrol, African mango extract, and astragalus root powder.

As we’ll explore in this Viva Slim review, it works by targeting the root metabolic causes of obesity. With ingredients that block fat production, reduce inflammation and boost energy, Viva Slim provides gentle yet effective support for your weight loss goals. The convenient daily capsules make it easy to try risk-free.

Discover how this doctor-formulated blend of herbs, plant extracts, vitamins and amino acids could help you finally slim down in a healthy, sustainable way. Viva Slim offers natural weight loss support.

VivaSlim Reviews: A Natural Ingredient Formula For Daily Use!

According to the manufacturer, one will get maximum benefits from the formula if it is taken at the right dosage for the recommended time. With this authentic Viva Slim review, you can get a detailed supplement analysis and decide whether it is worth trying. 

From the studies on the Viva Slim drops this appears to be a legitimate supplement in the initial analysis. While going through the label and other manufacturing details, it comes with decent packing and also includes all the necessary details that are required.

Also, to mark the authenticity of the Viva Slim liquid formula, the manufacturer has provided an official product website that states all the essential information regarding its ingredients, working, effects on the human body, etc.  

As it is a matter that concerns human health, it is very much essential to cross-check before getting started with the supplementation.

As a result, go through the authentic Viva Slim review that explains every single element that you need to learn about this herbal weight loss solution. Go through all sections before deciding whether it suits your health or not. So, let’s get started. 

Viva Slim

VivaSlim Review

Price Range

$49- $186 Per bottle

Supplement Type

Weight Loss

Supplement Form


Recommended Dosage

10 drops in water, 3 times daily


  • Boosts metabolism
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Boosts your energy levels naturally.
  • Shed excess fat accumulates from the body. 


  • Manufactured in a liquid form for easy usage. 
  • 100% all-natural ingredients that are backed by science
  • A clinically proven formula that is safe for regular consumption.
  • Formulated in a state-of-the-art facility that follows cGMP guidelines

Rating: 4.6/5

What Is Viva Slim? 

Viva Slim is a nutritional support solution that is developed to help adults get rid of the excess weight they’ve been carrying around for so long. Unlike other weight loss solutions available in the market, this herbal weight loss formula is a combination of potent natural ingredients. Most of these have been used since ancient days for healing various health conditions and are known for their health-boosting properties. 

From a detailed analysis of the Viva Slim weight loss liquid formula, it was discovered that the supplement works on the root cause of weight gain and provides long-lasting results.

As per the Viva Slim official website, it was learned that this nutritional support incorporated 11 powerful plant compounds and minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human system. Also, since the supplement is third-party tested, there is no need to fear any Viva Slim side effects or drawbacks. 

To make this weight loss supplementation easy, the manufacturer has developed the formula in the form of a liquid. Also, with the in-built dropper, you can easily consume the solution either directly or by mixing it with any beverage. Each bottle of the Viva Slim weight loss formula is ideal for a month’s use and is backed with a whole-year hassle-free money-back guarantee. 

Quick Facts

Effectiveness ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Money-Back Guarantee ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Overall Health Benefits ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Safety★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Quality- ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Price – $49 For One Bottle

Dosage – Add 10 drops in water for consumption 3 times daily

Availability – VivaSlim Official Website



★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Overall score

Viva Slim Ingredients – How Effective Are They?

Check out these Viva Slim ingredients incorporated in the formula of the Viva Slim fat burner before getting started with your supplementation with this Viva Slim review. Also, make sure beforehand that it suits your health. 



A plant whose parts are known for various health benefits. They are used to treat various conditions like boosting libido, increasing energy levels, improving mood, etc. They help boost male sexual health by increasing fertility and treating conditions like erectile dysfunction, etc. The antioxidants in this Viva Slim ingredient are effective in fighting free radicals and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. 



An amino acid that gets converted into nitric oxide when enters the body and helps in improving blood flow. It stimulates the release of growth hormones and is very necessary for the production of proteins. They are effective in treating chest pain, blood flow issues, erectile dysfunction, blood pressure fluctuations, and other health conditions. 



An amino acid that is used for boosting performance and strength. They not only boost your energy levels and enhance performance, rather, they are effective in boosting overall well-being. It helps boost athletic performance and strength, helps increase muscle endurance, fights the aging process, and reduces oxidative stress. 



An amino acid that is produced within the body and can be taken through food or other health supplements. They are the building block of proteins and are necessary for boosting immune health. It helps boost intestinal health, enhances exercise performance, and supports muscle gain. 

  • Other major Viva Slim ingredients included in the formula are African Plum Bark, Rhodiola, and Astragalus.

To Check the Of Viva Slim, Visit The Official Website

How Does Viva Slim Work?

The Viva Slim effective weight loss support supplement is a novel health support solution that supports healthy metabolism. Within this nutritional formula, the manufacturer has incorporated selected natural ingredients that are sourced from various parts of the world.

They are tested and verified as safe for regular consumption. Since most of these ingredients are plant compounds and nutrients, customers can rely on the formula. 

According to the VivaSlim official product website, the manufacturer has stated that one of the major reasons for excess weight gain is the improper working of Cytokine Gate. As per some groundbreaking research, it was discovered that the fat cells have a gate switch outside that locks fat in the cells. This gate is named the Cytokine Gate which usually only shuts at extreme circumstances.

But, in the present scenario, the human body is exposed to toxins in a huge amount. The air we breathe, the food we eat, everything is contaminated and as a result, the Cytokine Gate gets fully shut and it traps all the fat produced inside the cells thus resulting in excess weight gain. 

With the proper intake of the Viva Slim weight loss drops, you can gently open this gateway and let the fat accumulate. As the fat gets rushed out of your cells, you can experience the changes within you. 

Viva Slim Benefits

The powerful ingredients included in the formula are effective in reducing your appetite by making you feel full. 

With proper intake of the supplement, your body will get the necessary nutrients required for boosting metabolism and other bodily processes. 

Irvingia Gabonensis, a primary ingredient in the formula, is effective in balancing good cholesterol levels in the human body. 

The potent ingredients in the formula can support the burning of fat molecules for the production of energy. 

As the fat accumulates in the body and gets burned down, you’ll get the body of your dreams and also feel more energetic than usual. 

VivaSlim Benefits

How To Use Viva Slim?

The manufacturer of Viva Slim has developed the formula in the form of a liquid that is a rich source of plant compounds and minerals that are effective in supporting healthy weight loss naturally. Each bottle comes with an in-build dropper which makes it convenient for easy use. 

👉According to the manufacturer, one can either take the supplement directly or indirectly. Take 1 full dropper of the solution which is approximately 10 drops.

You can either place it directly under your tongue and hold it for a few seconds before swallowing it. Or you can mix the same with any beverage you choose, like tea, coffee, fresh juices, or even water.

For better results, it is advised to take the Viva Slim weight loss formula three times a day and try to maintain the dosage as recommended.  

VivaSlim Supplement Facts

Pros And Cons Of Viva Slim Drops

It is very necessary to know well about your supplementations beforehand. As a result, here are a few pros and cons marked on this Viva Slim weight loss supplement. 


  • Manufactured in a liquid form for easy usage. 
  • It was made using 100% all-natural ingredients that are backed by science. 
  • A clinically proven formula that is safe for regular consumption.
  • Formulated in a state-of-the-art facility that follows cGMP guidelines. 
  • Third-party tested formula.
  • Free from additives, stimulants, and other toxic compounds. 
  • Backed with a hassle-free money-back guarantee.


  • The authentic Viva Slim liquid formula can be purchased only through their official product website. 
  • The supplementation is not desirable for those under the age of 18 and pregnant or lactating mothers. 

To Verify Availability Of Viva Slim, Please Visit The Official Website

Viva Slim Side Effects

With the proper usage of the Viva Slim formula, the chances of side effects are very rare. According to the testimonials, it was discovered that those who had taken the Viva Slim weight loss supplement in overdose expecting faster results ended up with minimal side effects including dizziness, nausea, etc. but, at the same time, those who followed the supplement as recommended benefited well, and are happy with their results.   

The Viva Slim drops manufacturer assures 100% safety and effectiveness from the formula as they have only incorporated quality ingredients in this herbal weights formula. And since they are very confident with their formula, they assure a year-long money-back guarantee. 

When Will You See Results With Viva Slim Drops?

The manufacturer of the Viva Slim formula has assured 100% satisfaction with the consistent use of this natural fat burner. According to them, one will get their desired results after taking this weight loss supplement for about 5-6 months continuously without any breaks. And within just 2-3 months of use, you can experience optimal changes in the body and can also feel the difference in your body shape.

From the testimonials on this Viva Slim nutritional support, it is verified that those customers who followed a healthy lifestyle along with their supplement intake have experienced faster and better results than others.

Also,  while taking the Viva Slim weight management formula, never compare your results with others as it can change depending on the consistency of your supplement intake and your body conditions.  

Viva Slim Discount Code Scam: Buyer Beware!

During online searches for the popular Viva Slim drops, consumers may encounter sketchy Viva Slim discount code offers that seem too good to turn down. But hold off before entering any questionable coupon codes! Multiple alarming Viva Slim discount code scams were uncovered aiming to trick customers into purchasing cheap counterfeits.

These fraudulent Viva Slim discount code posts contain made-up testimonials and false limited-time deals to create a deceptive aura of exclusivity. In reality, they simply redirect unsuspecting buyers to shady websites peddling hazardous formula duplicates. It’s a true Viva Slim scam alert in action!

To avoid putting your health or financial data at risk, completely steer clear of Viva Slim discount code offers floating around blogs or social media. The authentic Viva Slim liquid drops are only available on the official website – not third parties flaunting coupon codes. Protect yourself and rely solely on the real product site. Don’t become another victim of Viva Slim scammers’ underhanded discount code tactics!

Viva Slim Customer Reviews

While browsing for an authentic review on the Viva Slim formula, you must have seen the ‘n’ number of reviews which included both positives and negatives of the same.

As per my research on this natural weight loss, a majority of them were positive. According to these reviews, it was noticed that most customers who made their purchase through the Viva Slim official website were happy with the results achieved. There are no negative Viva Slim customer reviews reported yet.

At the same time, some others who got their order from retail stores or e-commerce websites experienced severe health difficulties as their purchases were not authentic and were imitations. 

The manufacturer of the authentic Viva Slim formula advises only to get hold of the purchase from the official site. By doing so, you are getting hold of a solution that is made after years of research and studies.

According to the testimonials from the valid customers, they haven’t experienced a single defect from the supplement. Also, it is proven free from additives, stimulants, or artificial coloring that are toxic to human health from regular consumption.   

However, in some rare cases, Viva Slim customers who have taken this weight loss supplement in overdose have experienced minimal side effects including nausea, dizziness, etc. so, for better results, make sure to take the Viva Slim dietary supplement at the recommended dosage. 

How And Where To Order Viva Slim Drops? And Pricing 

Weight loss supplements are gaining huge popularity these days due to their high demand. And because of this, a long list of supplements are available in the market these days. As people go behind such supplements more and more, many third-party dealers start supplying replicas and imitations of the originals. All these replicas are sold only for the sake of money and do not guarantee any benefits even though they claim it. 

These replicas are made using low-quality products and are sold through retail and e-commerce stores. Also, these replicas don’t have an official product website that customers can rely on. As a result, while purchasing any health supplement, make sure to get the authentic formula from the official product website. 

The manufacturer of the Viva Slim fat burner trades their authentic formula only through their official product website. With this, customers can be sure of the authenticity of their purchase and also become eligible for the offers provided by the manufacturer. 

Here are the VivaSlim price ranges offered by the manufacturer. 

1 bottle1 month supply$49 per bottle
3 bottles 3 month supply$39 per bottle
6 bottles 6 month supply$31 per bottle

For Availability Updates Of Viva Slim, Visit The Official Website

When planning to get a hold of the formula, it is advised to get hold of the bulk packs. Because, as the demand for the formula increases with its effectiveness and results in curing health difficulties, the chances for the supplement to run out of stock are very high. To avoid a break in your supplement intake, you better purchase multiple bottles. 

If you are hesitant to invest in the formula due to the fear of losing your money, then the manufacturer assures 100% risk-free purchasing. According to the Viva Slim official product website, the manufacturer assures a hassle-free 365-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the formula, then you can opt for a complete refund effortlessly.  

Viva Slim Reviews – Final Verdict

As per the extensive research on the Viva Slim formula, it has been verified as an effective weight management formula for adults. This novel weight loss supplement is made by combining selected all-natural ingredients.

Most of them have been used in traditional medicines for ages and are rich in plant compounds and nutrients. Also, to ensure its effectiveness, safety, and potency, all the Viva Slim ingredients are clinically tested and verified. 

Besides this, the Viva Slim manufacturer assures that the supplement is made using the highest quality ingredients. Furthermore, it is processed in a clean, sterile environment that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified. Also, it is proven that the supplement is free from additives, stimulants, and other toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. 

Customers who made their purchase through the Viva Slim official site guarantee 100% satisfaction from the formula. And if not, if the supplement doesn’t work the same for you, then you can opt for a complete refund within a year of your initial purchase.

In summarizing all the Viva Slim reviews, it can be concluded that Viva Slim is a valuable herbal weight loss formula that offers effective nutritional support and is worth considering as an investment.

To Check Availability Of Viva Slim, Visit The Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

While checking out for an effective weight loss solution, make sure you are well aware of the formula. Here are some frequently asked questions that you must check before getting hold of the formula. 

1. Is it necessary to follow a healthy diet along with the Viva Slim drops intake?

Although the manufacturer advises the best results without following any healthy lifestyle routine, it is better to follow some so that you’ll get maximum benefits out of the formula. 

2. Can I contact the customer service of the Viva Slim formula?

Yes, for any queries regarding the supplement, you can directly contact the team through the contact details provided on the official website. 

3. Will I get any side effects if the Viva Slim liquid supplement is taken in overdose?

The manufacturer of the formula assures that the ingredients included in the formula are natural and as a result, it is safe for regular consumption. At the same time, overdosing on the same can cause minimal side effects like nausea, dizziness, etc. 

4. Does the manufacturer offer free shipping with the supplement?

According to the official product website, the manufacturer offers free shipping along with every purchase within the country. For every international shipping, you’ll be charged a small shipping charge. 

5. Is it true that investing in Viva Slim drops is unsafe?

Not at all, unlike any other weight loss supplements available in the market, the manufacturer of the Viva Slim formula offers a hassle-free purchasing experience with their year-long money-back guarantee. With this offer, you can opt for a complete refund any time of the year.


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